Pros & Cons of Choosing Marble for Your Backyard Paving

Suppose you’re thinking about upgrading your outdoor living space by installing pavers and making it a place for family gatherings, entertaining friends, or just enjoying and reading a book. In that case, you’re at the right place. We’re going to introduce you to marble flooring pros and cons and help you with your decision on enhancing your patio. 

Before finding out about marble flooring pros and cons, let’s give an exact definition of what kind of stone is marble stone. 

Marble is a type of natural, solid stone. It is formed as a result of sedimentary rock being altered under pressure, heat, and other natural agencies. Manufactured marble comes in gracious colors and mosaic patterns depending on its mineral composition. Because of its appearance and constitution, marble finds its role in architectural and sculptural structures. This natural rock gets cut into tiles and slabs that we nowadays use for marble countertops, marble slab flooring, wall tiles, and marble swimming pool coping.

Why is the marble stone floor the right choice for your patio? For you to make sure you are making an informed decision, we prepared a list of marble flooring pros and cons.

What Are the Advantages of Installing Marble Stone Floor?

Elegant Furniture in the Patio in the Backyard With Marble Paving

  1. Marble Guarantees High Durability

Marble is made to stand the test of time, and many ancient sculptures and constructions prove so. Believe it or not, the Taj Mahal is completely covered in marble tiles and slabs. Besides resisting time, this high-density stone also withstands heavy loads; thus is the perfect choice for traffic areas like backyards and patios. 

  1. Marble Stone Is Weather Resilient

With high-quality materials and the impeccable service of the marble pavers in South Florida, the flooring in your patio will keep you safe and cool for its structure and color, which reflects the sun rays and radiations. Another reason for installing marble slab flooring is that it helps cope with the scorching sun during the Miami summertime. This feature makes marble the best choice possible for hot climate regions. Since it’s resilient to warm weather and cold one too, it is a better investment than wood and concrete, which are prone to deteriorAlthough there is a great spectrum of things in your patio that you can DIY, installing marble flooring is not one of those. To avoid losing an abundance of time and stay within the limits of your budget, you should consider getting in touch with your local marble pavers. Cricket Pavers are experienced professionals who will undoubtedly fulfill your expectations by supplying you with high-quality materials and exquisite installing services. Suppose you are considering enhancing your backyard with marble paving. In that case, they will also advise you about the proper maintenance and the design you should choose to give your stunning patio looks as well as longevity. 

  1. Has a Unique Style and Can Be Custom-Designed

Installing marble slab flooring will most definitely elevate the appearance of your patio. The best thing about marble is that you can customize the patterns and the design and make your marble flooring match your taste and style. Marble comes in numerous colors and shades anation. 

  1. Upgrading Your Backyard With Marble Slab Flooring Is Locally Available

d can be cut in all sorts of shapes and sizes, leaving you with the option of creating an astonishing and unique backyard. There are many types of marble, and they usually come from Europe or Asia as a raw stone, which is later on being manufactured for residential settings. Whether you pick the rarest and the most luxurious type of stone known as Calacatta marble or Carrara marble, the most common one, the attractive colors and distinctive veining will bring the appearance of your outdoor living space to another level. 

  1. Marble Is a Natural Stone

If you prefer natural, over synthetic materials for your patio, marble is the right choice for you. This rock doesn’t require any chemical processing thus is eco-friendly.

  1. Marble Stone Floor Requires Little and Easy Maintenance

Taking care of your marble paving is not a demanding job. It is enough to sweep it from time to time, using only soap and water. Unlike the other stone flooring, marble tiles can be polished without the risk of discoloring or damage. Polishing gives the marble patio pavers a silky and sparkly effect. 

The tricky part with marble is that it creates a chemical reaction when coming in contact with acid from food, beverages, or cleaning products. This consequences in discoloration stains that may sometimes be permanent. To protect your marble stone floor, we recommend applying the surface sealer every couple of years.

Disadvantages of marble flooring:

Man Putting Coin Into Piggy Bank at Grey Marble Table, Closeup.

  1. Marble Flooring Is an Expensive Option for Patio Pavers

Marble price varies depending on which kind of marble stone you pick on. We mentioned only a couple of marble types when we talked about patio flooring design. A less expensive choice would be ceramic or porcelain flooring, which can mimic the looks of marble flooring but won’t be as high density as this natural stone flooring is. 

  1. Installing Marble Is Not a Project You Can Handle by Yourself

Installing marble flooring requires proficiency and experience when applying. Since marble is a delicate and natural material, it’s not easy to process it without the usage of certain kinds of tools. It also demands an adequate preparation of the subfloor. If the floor is not installed properly, it will break and chip very quickly and easily without question. 

  1. Demanding Repair and Replacement

Marble is softer than granite and porcelain, thus more prone to scratching and damage. The bigger problem is acidic substances that can decolorize marble floors when getting in touch with it. On the other hand, the possibility of re-polishing and applying the surface sealer can surprisingly restore its original shine. Another disadvantage of marble paving is that every design and pattern is unique, making replacing a damaged tile difficult since there is no way to find an identical replacement. Still, you can always purchase a bit more than needed and have a replacement that matches your design in case of damage. 

Investing in your outdoor living space will not only allow you to spend more quality time outside but will also raise the value of your home. If you ever decide to move and sell your house, installing marble flooring is a definite investment return. 

We, at Cricket Pavers, will turn your patio into a real sanctuary following all of your wishes and needs yet still respecting your budget, style, and taste. Do not hesitate to contact us and let us provide you with an elegant, attractive, and tasteful outdoor ambiance for you and your closest ones.  

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