Artificial Grass Installation in South Florida

Having an impeccable, green yard is a dream of many residents of Florida. Because summer temperatures in Florida are usually hard to cope with, many green surfaces burn out in the sun and turn yellow, which is not an ideal thing if you’re looking for aesthetic improvements. However, fake grass installation is an excellent way of fighting against high temperatures and unfavorable conditions. Artificial grass is easier to maintain in comparison to genuine grass, and it requires much less attention.

At Cricket Pavers, we offer installation services as well as supplies ranging from brick, travertine, and marble pavers to artificial grass and hurricane shutters. Our team is comprised of people who have been in the industry for quite a while and know exactly why it is a good idea to install artificial grass in Miami.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass Installation

Even though the vast majority of people put green installations due to aesthetic reasons, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Artificial grass is an excellent idea for many reasons.

Aesthetic Improvements

The first, and probably the most commonly used argument for artificial grass is its ability to boost the aesthetic appeal of your property. Unlike typical patches of grass, artificial grass is consistent in size, shape, and color throughout the whole patch. In contrast, many people struggle to retain consistency with genuine grass since it’s much more prone to disease, pests, sunburns, and more.

Easy Maintenance

As mentioned, artificial grass requires much less attention than genuine grass. In simpler terms, all you have to do to maintain a lush green lawn is rinse it occasionally with water or rake it once or twice a week. On top of that, artificial grass doesn’t require trimming, pest management, or fertilization, which significantly lowers the maintenance requirements.

Great for People with Allergies

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that typical grass contains a plethora of allergens. The vast majority of them are safe and harmless, but some people who suffer from severe allergies could end up having severe health issues, especially with airborne allergens. Therefore, if you’re among those individuals who struggle with allergies, artificial grass is a perfect solution!

Health and Longevity

Natural lawns are much more prone to diseases than artificial grass. For example, many homeowners struggle to maintain their natural lawn in good condition due to Rhizoctonia, a fungus commonly associated with poor lawn health. It’s quite hard to fight it off, and once it appears in your grass, it will take a lot of time, money, and effort to eradicate it. Needless to say, you won’t have these issues with artificial grass. As far as longevity goes, artificial lawns last up to 15 years. The best thing about it is that they don’t drastically change during their lifetime. Natural grass, on the other hand, doesn’t last as long, and more importantly – it’s not as consistent as artificial grass.

Why Choose Us?

As far as the installation of artificial grass in Miami goes, we are your safest bet! Our company has been in the industry for years, and we have many successful projects under our name. Our team strives to meet your needs and expectations, and we use high-quality materials to ensure durability, longevity, and reliability of our work. Call us today, and we will turn your lawn into a lush masterpiece.



We will be more than happy to help you turn your front yard into a remarkable piece of art that will last a lifetime!
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