Your patio is one of the first things people notice when they come into your yard. While that does not mean you should invest all of your resources and turn your outdoor patio design into the 8th World Wonder, it’s still a good idea to think about modern patio designs and maybe even remodel yours, especially if it’s damaged, faded, chipped, etc.

At Cricket Pavers, we offer installation services, and we are your best source of wholesale paving supplies ranging from brick pavers, travertine pavers, marble pavers, and much more. Our team consists of experienced individuals who have been in the business for years, if not decades, and they know precisely what it takes to turn an ordinary-looking patio into a breathtaking marvel.

Why Is Patio Design Important?

There is no shortage of reasons why you should think about redesigning your patio, but the following reasons stand out as the most essential.

Good Design Brings Everything Together

The most important thing about your patio is to design it in a way that complements your whole yard and house. This means you should think about the materials you’re going to use, colors you’re going to choose, and most importantly – think about how you’re going to create a harmonious environment for you and your family.

Increases Value of Your Property

Even though most people don’t think about this particular benefit since very few people will sell their property right after redesigning their patio, it’s still something you should keep in the back of your mind. The increase in value is a positive consequence of your investment, and it’s something that will definitely increase your chances of selling your home if and when the time comes.

A Low-Maintenance Extension of Your Living Area

A custom patio design is a breeze to maintain since it only requires an occasional power wash. On top of that, you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance during the summer since high-quality materials fare well with extreme weather conditions. Well-designed patios can also be an extension of your living area since most people tend to spend a lot of their free time in the backyard, either relaxing or socializing with their friends and family.

An Opportunity with Endless Possibilities

One of the greatest things about custom patio designs is that you can create patterns, shapes, and use a vast array of vivid colors and materials to emphasize certain aspects of the design itself. In simpler terms, you have the freedom to let your artistic spirit run wild and turn your ideas into reality without too many restrictions in your way.

Why Choose Us?

Our company is one of your best choices for patio design in Miami, and we strive to fulfill the expectations and requirements of our clients by offering grade-A services coupled with premium-quality materials. We can also help you with landscaping ideas as well as offer advice about the right materials and designs you should go for.
Our immaculate reputation allows us to guarantee quality, durability, and longevity for all our projects. If you’re thinking about a new patio and aren’t sure what type of material you should use or which patterns and designs are the best for your yard in particular, call us, and we will be happy to provide ideas, supplies, and installation services!



We will be more than happy to help you turn your front yard into a remarkable piece of art that will last a lifetime!
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