Located 66 miles north of Miami, Wellington is the fifth largest city in Palm Beach Country. With a population of over 65,000, Wellington is the most crowded village in the state of Florida. In 2019, Wellington was a part of the Top 100 places to live, and as such, it’s a perfect place for people who like tropical weather, shopping, and sports.

If you live in Wellington and are planning on remodeling your yard, patio, driveway, or other parts of the exterior around your house, our company is your safest bet! At Cricket Pavers, we aim to provide high-quality services coupled with grade-A materials that are reliable and trustworthy. Our services include the installation of concrete pavers, patio designs, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, pads for driveways, pool remodeling, and much more.

Our team consists of people who have been in the industry for quite some time and have the necessary experience to turn your patio or driveway into a breathtaking piece of art. If you’re looking to upgrade your patio or perhaps resurface your pool, we specialize in designing and constructing solutions that will not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your home but will also increase its value.

We also offer financing options since we understand how large the market is, and we work hard to keep our prices affordable and reasonable. Thanks to this, you can improve and upgrade the exterior around your home on a relatively reasonable budget.

If you have some creative ideas and plans on how to better the area around your home, don’t hesitate to call us, and we will be more than happy to turn them into reality. We are eager to showcase our skills, and more importantly – we want to prove that our work will stand the test of time thanks to the supreme quality of our services and materials we use.


Check out our offer and contact our specialists to get a FREE estimate and advice on how to proceed.
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