6 Reasons to Consider Owning a Pergola in Your Home

Backyard improvements usually refer to pool remodeling, replacing paving tiles on your driveway, or planting more flowers and trees, but you can also upgrade your garden by adding a pergola. This article will help you dive deeper into the purpose of pergola and give you information about what is a pergola, what is a pergola used for, and what are the benefits of a pergola. 

Finding the right contractor for pergola installation in South Florida may take you some time since you should look for a licensed professional with years of experience. Choosing a reliable business will ensure that you will hire a company that will provide you with premium quality material and impeccable installation service. Cricket Pavers are a team of dedicated individuals with a long history of completing projects successfully. This team will not only introduce you to what is a pergola used for and what does a pergola do, but will do a meticulous job on upgrading your yard. 

Before getting to the purpose of pergola, you should learn about what is a pergola and some of the main characteristics of this backyard feature. 

What Is a Pergola?

A pergola is a simple landscape structure that can come in various materials and styles. Besides being affordable, more benefits of the pergola are that it is highly functional, durable, and requires minimum maintenance. Pergolas also make your landscape more attractive by visually improving it. One of its benefits is that is its versatile structure allows you to have many shade options. Pergola is not intended to protect you from direct sunlight; it doesn’t act as a roof.

What Is a Pergola Used For?

Interior Design: Beautiful Modern Terrace Lounge With Pergola at Sunset

At first glimpse, it may only seem like a decorative garden feature, but the benefits of a pergola are numerous. One of many is that pergola can be an additional living space outside your home. Since it is a versatile structure, the purpose of a pergola can be to stand as a separate object in your garden and act more like a gazebo or be an extension of your home. Mentioned in this manner, it can serve as a dining space, a perfect place for putting a barbecue, or an area to relax and enjoy with your family.  

What Does a Pergola Do?

To have a clearer picture of what does pergola do and which are the benefits of pergola, here is a list of reasons to look into if you’re having second thoughts on installing this landscape structure in your yard:

  1. Pergola Provides Shade and Protects You From Sun

There is no information on the exact purpose of the first pergola ever built. Still, we know that even the ancient Egyptians used it for the same reason we do today: the protection from the scorching sun. One of the many benefits of a pergola is that it provides shade.

But, how do pergolas provide shade when they are typically not covered?

Since they consist of a framework with vertical posts that hold crossbeams or open lattice ceilings instead of a roof, finding the right setting for this garden feature is crucial for it to be a perfect protection from the sun. 

The material and design you choose for your pergola are also of great importance if you want it to keep you safe from sunburns. On the other hand, there is always an option of installing a retractable shade cover or a canopy that you can open and close by need.

  1. Pergolas Are Landscape Structures That Come in Various Materials and Design 

If you’re thinking about improving your backyard with the pergola, here are some options you have for picking the material and design. Pergolas can come in wood, metal, vinyl, and even fiberglass. All of these materials have their strengths and weaknesses and require different ways of maintenance. When deciding on the design, you have the option of installing a custom-made pergola or ordering a prefabricated kit. We suggest you check on these pergola design ideas to a better picture of which one to pick for your backyard or garden. 

The classic option for the floor topping is a wooden deck. Another choice is artificial grass or tile flooring that requires less maintenance than the others mentioned.

  1. Installing Pergola Will Make Your Outdoor Living Space Defined and Arranged

By finding the proper position for your choice of the pergola, you can use it as a lead-in for other landscaping enhancements to come. A great trait of this affordable structure is that it can also be combined with other backyard features like verandas, gazebos, kitchen islands, or pools. Another purpose of pergola is that it defines your outdoor space. Apart from being a kickoff for adjoining other background features to your garden, a pergola can help with the overall arrangement of your yard. 

  1. Pergola Guarantees You Privacy

Besides the shade it provides, another purpose of a pergola is that it gives you privacy. By adding drapes, latticework or creating a flower wall by planting a vertical garden on the sides of your pergola, you can enjoy your outdoor space in total privacy. This way, you can place a hot tub, furniture, or a dining table in the pergola and have a guarantee you’re not on view.

  1. Creates More Space for Plant Growing
    Wooden Pergola in the Garden.

We have already mentioned vertical gardens as an option for your landscaping. Vertical gardens are not only a way of aesthetic improvement of your outdoor living space but are practical and allow you to grow much more plants and flowers than the usual way of growing. Plants like grapevines, clematis, or wisteria grow from the ground up, and the pergola posts can be used as support to these climbing plants. In time, these plants can create a natural ceiling and provide you with a full shade.

  1. Getting a Pergola Adds Value to Your House

Another thing to consider when thinking about investing in a pergola is that it will increase the value of your house if you ever decide to put it up for sale. Pergola makes the landscaping more attractive and curbs the general appeal of your home. Installing this beautiful structure in your yard is not a big investment, yet it leaves a great impression and helps you sell it for a higher range on the housing market.

What do you find to be the best investment in your backyard renovation? Pergola is an affordable aesthetic improvement for your garden, and with proper installation service and A-quality material usage, it can also be a durable one. If you never thought about pergola, maybe it’s time to contact Cricket Pavers, who will meet all your requirements and expectations.

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