5 Best Pergola Designs and Ideas

Pergola ideas are the most beautiful creative ways to design your patio space. Now, more commonly than ever before people are adding a pergola to the area to get some shelter from the elements including extreme sunlight, rain, and wind. While your outdoor space may be a little rough, adding landscape designs that include a garden pergola can give you a sanctuary space. 

Many people use the unique architectural features of their houses to create an area that extends the space of their home. For example, if you have an area of your backyard that would easily create a place for a garden, gazebo or freestanding garden feature, your home may be ideal for adding a pergola. 

What is a Pergola? 

Often used interchangeably, these terms are used to refer to a structure used to support garden crawling plants like vines, to direct foot traffic, or to provide additional shelter. An outdoor pergola can be placed outside in any area to ensure you, and your house guests get shelter. Today, the most popular backyard pergola ideas most often include a gazebo but you can create different styles of pergolas.

5 Best Pergola Designs for Your Patio 

  1. Southwestern 

You can use the rustic, rugged look of the Southwest style to liven up your outdoor spaces. There are so many different ways that you can achieve this look including using Native American decor, terracotta pots, and tiles, red clay pavers, natural stone, beams, gravel, accent colors, wooden ladders, and adobe. 

  • Barn 

You can use a range of reclaimed wood to create a charming 1920’s inspired pergola design. Get creative and pick up anything that inspires a barn-like appearance in your pergola. The options are limitless and may include dried flowers, hay bails, reclaimed doors, farm equipment, wheelbarrows, and much more. 

  • Secret Garden 

There are some homes that are ideal for a dining themed pergola. Use this concept to create a space with two outside walls, and an arch that supports vines, ivy, or ferns. You can surround yourself in this area and use the space for entertaining friends, and family. Place a table in the center, and then, create an even denser canopy with trees. 

  • Hot Tub 

You can tuck your hot tub away in a pergola to create an intimate hideaway you can enjoy or with others. Any size or shape of the hot tub is up to you, so adapt it to your desires.

  • Contemporary

Sleek lines and geometric patterns are the easiest ways to create a contemporary looking pergola. Let your imagination run wild and use color, accents, features, water, and furniture or even a fire pit to create just the right vibe. garden furniture at the patio

3 DIY Design Tips for Your Pergola

You can create a backyard pergola design all on your own. Use these 3 tips for designing a DIY pergola. 

  • Get the Specs Right

There are many specifications to your home that can include measurements, slopes, and angles. Ensuring all of the specs are correct will provide you a strong foundation for the construction process of your backyard pergola. 

  • Buy High-Quality Materials 

Only purchase the highest quality materials including hardwood, plywood, metals, prefabricated items, fabric, and glass.

  • Detail Trims 

If you have a contemporary outdoor space, you want to avoid complicating the look of your pergola. Use a trimmer to create a crisp, clean look that will not take away from the rest of your home design. 

If you need any additional support answering questions you have about pergola design ideas, call the offices of Cricket Pavers. You can talk directly to a home improvement specialist that can help you compare the many different styles of pergolas available. After you have decided on the perfect style for your outdoor spaces, you can take on this moderate DIY project.

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