5 Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Outdoor kitchen lights are a great way to create a unique atmosphere outside. Used as LED strips, under countertops, above and below the bars, on overhangs, and above grills, outdoor kitchen lights work in so many ways! Lighting can be used to perform a task, for safety purposes, as a decorative accent, or to create a mood. Regardless of the reason you use them,  there are guidelines that can help make the installation process easier. So, here are some helpful outdoor kitchen lighting ideas.

5 Ways To Use Outdoor Kitchen Lighting 

You may have seen professional concepts for outdoor kitchen lights, or you may have your own ideas for outdoor lighting. If you want to brighten your outdoor kitchen space with lighting, use this simple how-to-use outdoor lighting guide. 

  1. Use the Right Materials. Getting the right materials prepared before starting your DIY project is an essential step. Take the time to put thought into which are the best materials that will stand up to the type of wear and tear your outdoor space will put the lights up against. Then, you will also need to consider how much maintenance you are willing to do. 
  2. Use Features. There are all types of different features that you can highlight with outdoor kitchen lighting ideas. Accent any of your outdoor kitchen features like ceiling fans, cabinets, grills, countertops, and overhangs with unique lighting. Get creative and experiment with different wattages, colors, and shapes of bulbs in a range of areas in the kitchen space to utilize your outdoor design ideas best. 
  3. Use Color. Balance is key when you are using color to create your signature style with outdoor kitchen lighting. However, you may want to use a pop of bright color in one area, or blend different colors into a current lighting theme. Colorful outdoor kitchen LED lighting is an ideal way to spice up your outdoor space, and can be especially useful for decorative themes in your outdoor kitchen. 
  4. Use Rated Lighting. Your outdoor kitchen lighting ideas should always have your local weather patterns in mind. Only use lighting rated for wet, and damp environments if your outdoor kitchen will be exposed to rain, or snow. Outdoor Kitchen

Your entire outdoor kitchen can remain functional even in inclement weather if you choose the correct weather-protected equipment. Consider the amount of moisture the bulbs will be exposed to, how much maintenance you will need to perform, and if you will need to remove the lighting in a storm, or other extreme weather before shopping for your bulbs, hardware, and accessories. 

  1. Use Balance. There are many aspects that you will need to keep in mind when planning your DIY lighting project. Some of the most important factors to a stunning outdoor kitchen include functionality, substance, and style. However, the most important factor is balance. While you create your own version of outdoor paradise with your vision of outdoor kitchen lighting, balance is one of the most important decorative elements. 

Talking to a professional at the offices of Cricket Pavers is the best way to bring your outdoor kitchen lighting ideas to life. Call to discuss your vision for a dream outdoor kitchen that includes options for varying intensity, maintenance, durability, and style. There is a professional ready to talk to you about outdoor kitchen LED lighting that works with your own design concepts. While installing outdoor kitchen lights is considered a DIY (do-it-yourself) project, you can create your ideal space with a team of professionals. Call today!

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