7 Ideas for Driveway Edging

Creating a driveway border is a fun way to develop your own style that will also boost the curb appeal of your home. You can interest onlookers, your neighbors, and yourself with unique driveway edging ideas. While you can use your own inspiration, and develop driveway edging designs that are all yours you may also decide to ask for help. Talk to a professional about your do-it-yourself home improvement projects including driveway edging options so that you get the best result. Today, there are many different ways to use your current driveway border, and enhance your property to increase the value of your home. 

7 Ideas for Driveway Edging

Flat, or raised driveway edging pavers will bring any pathway to life. Your driveway edging options include these seven ideas, plus many more. 

  • Belgian Block/Cobblestone. The edges of your driveway may need a sturdy border in order to prevent wear and tear. Usually, this type of real driveway edging paver style is made of granite blocks, but it may also be made of different types of stone. Cobblestone pavers are typically 4 to 5 inches thick, and 7 to 9 inches wide. Installed along both sides of your driveway, cobblestone pavers can also be installed on one side of your pathway. The Belgian block style is popular with all types of homes and landscaping designs.
  • Brick. You can use a variety of brick styles for your driveway border. Traditionally, thick, sturdy red bricks are used in driveway edging pavers for the front, and back outdoor areas. You can use a number of colors and materials to create a brick motif according to your home’s personality. NOTE: For stability, you may need to set the brick pavers into concrete
  • Paver Weave. One popular pattern for driveway edging that is known to be especially attractive includes weaving bricks, stones, or pavers into a border. Unique, and creative, woven driveway edging can be line patterns, basketweave, or straight rows that make interesting designs of your choice. Make any type of weave pattern you desire, or call a professional DIY home project specialist for driveway edging pavers ideas. driveway
  • Double Row. Some of the most striking designs include a double row of pavers. If you are looking for simple DIY driveway edging ideas this easy-to-perform design requires that you are able to balance two rows of pavers evenly. However, if you have the patience to keep the lines parallel and balanced, the double-row design for driveway edging is a very appealing option in a section, or an entire border of your pathway. 
  • Colored. In any material you choose, a pattern of contrasting colors, or textures can create a multi-dimensional look. The appeal of using a range of blocks, bricks, and pavers that create a pattern is a fun way to add variety to your walkway, driveway, and pathways.
  • Wood. River wood, oak, and pine make attractive rustic types of pavers for your home’s driveway edging. You may choose a raw, rustic style of wood, or refined pieces to line your driveway. You can also use cut, processed pieces of accent wood, or recycled pieces to bring your pathway to life. 
  • Granite Block. Large blocks of granite can be made into a range of shapes, colors, and sizes. Your home’s driveway pavers can take on a masonic look that is sturdy, functional, and attractive with custom, or premade granite block. 

Talking to a Professional About Your Driveway Edging Options 

When you dream up your driveway edging, consider as many options as you can think of. Talking to a professional at the offices of Cricket Pavers is the best way to prevent making some of the most common mistakes of DIY home improvement projects like installing driveway edging. The beginning of your installation process should be as easy, and stress-free as the end. Never start your DIY your driveway edging when there is a team of professionals waiting to help. Call today to talk about your driveway edging ideas!

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