Do Pergolas Provide Enough Outdoor Shade in the Summer?

So you have a backyard, but something is still missing. It seems as if you can’t cool off during those hot summer days. Some shade would probably be helpful. Luckily, you can improve your backyard with a pergola.

You are wondering how much shade does a pergola provide or even how does a pergola work? No worries, we’ll help you answer those questions.

Check out our blog and see how different pergola shade panels can help you cool off and relax during sunny days.

Also, if you are looking for pergola design ideas in the Miami area, contact Cricket Pavers, and we’ll give you a hand.


Pergola With Vine in Tuscany

If you live in a part of the world where grapevines can grow and bloom, we have a suggestion for you. With latticework or cross beams, you can allow the plants to grow within the structure of your pergola. Since there are many different variations of this shade-stopping structure, the answer to the question “how do pergolas provide shade” won’t always be the same.

The Tuscans also used grapevines as their backyard solution. The reason? They were practical for both summer and winter. During sunny days, the structure provides shade, and during the colder weather, it allows sun rays to go through and give you daylight and warmth.

If your main goal isn’t to hide from the rain, consider using foliage as your backyard solution. Give it a shot and see if you like chilling in foliage shade. Most of North America’s climate would be suitable for foliage pergolas.

Fabric Pergola Shade Panels 

Of course, many people would rather design their backyard in a contemporary way compared to a natural foliage look. Luckily, there is a solution for that as well.

How much shade does a pergola provide? Well, in this case, quite a lot. If you live in a particularly sunny area with little to no rain, try using a fabric pergola. 

You can go with one large piece or multiple strips that create a more dynamic vibe. Going with more pieces will allow you to improvise with the design and assemble a unique pergola. This way, you’ll be able to match the rest of your exterior with the shade provider.

Also, the wavy nature of the strips will allow some light to go through and let you enjoy a little bit of sunshine. So, for a fun, modern solution, think about giving fabric pergolas an opportunity.

If you’re thinking about a pergola installation in South Florida, think Cricket Pavers. Give us a call, and we’ll find the best solution for your backyard.

Reeds and Leaves

If you live near a beach and just need a straightforward solution that will allow you to hide from the sun, try a simple pergola made of reeds and leaves. But, do pergolas provide shade if they’re made of such lightweight materials? You’d be pleasantly surprised.

Drier climate regions are a perfect fit for a pergola of this type. The Egyptians used this design, and you can still see beaches all over the world using it for a reason. 

It’s an easy fix to your problem. Lay down, enjoy the shade, and you’ll feel like you’re at the beach in minutes. Sipping on your favorite cocktail might enhance that feeling even more.

So if you are into the beachy vibes, give reeds and leaves a shot.

Retractable Canopies

How does a pergola work against rain, you ask? Well, some of them don’t. But, if you need yours to provide shade and protect you from the rain at the same time, retractable canopies might be an adequate solution.

If there are moments when you want to enjoy the sun, you’ll be able to do it. And that’s not where the convenience stops. With retractable canopies, you can fold the fabric and let the sun shine on you. Tanning is also an option if you decide on this type of pergola for your yard.

On the other hand, when you’re in need of a proper cool-off, bring back the canopy and enjoy the shade. Of course, you can improvise with the color of the fabric and design the construction how you wish. However, if you’d like the canopy to block most of the UV rays, your range of options will be a bit thinner. 

Certain materials block as much as 98% of the harmful rays but don’t come in a large variety of colors, so check out all of the options and see what fits your needs best.

Bamboo Sticks

Check out bamboo pergolas if you live in a dry climate but aren’t feeling how pergolas provide shade with the reeds and leaves design. This type of arrangement will give your home a more rustic feeling many people wish to have. The southwest area of the States has the ideal weather for this type of design.

Implementing more wood into the exterior of your home gives it a countryside look that feels more welcoming. This is exactly how you can match the bamboo pergola and allow it to fit in with the rest of your home. Also, you’d be pleasantly surprised at how much shade a pergola provides when it’s made of bamboo. You’ll chill for hours without realizing how hot it is when you step out into the sun.

This type of shading is most popular in the eastern islands.

Cloth Shade Panels

If you prefer effectiveness over design, going for shade cloth is the simplest solution. This budget option is for all people who want a place to relax and hide from the sun without much consideration for the overall look of their shaded area.

Shade cloth will get the job done and provide the shading you require but may not look as appealing as some of the other options on our list.

Of course, if you are an experienced designer that knows how to improvise and adapt, maybe you can create a masterpiece even with budget materials.

Pergola Curtains

Modern Wooden Beach Pergola With With Curtain ,Table, in Front of the Beach

If privacy is something you value highly, this is definitely the way to go. No matter how good the shade is, it’s worth nothing if you can’t relax in it. So, if you have nosy neighbors but you want to enjoy the newest addition to your backyard, install pergola curtains.

It’s easy to create a romantic atmosphere when you have a private suite right outside your home. Additionally, if you need a new date spot, this will impress most companions. Give it a shot, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of how pergolas work and if they would be a valuable asset in your home.

Pergola Installation Services in South Florida

Look no further if you live in the Miami area and you are thinking about installing a pergola in your home. Cricket Pavers provides pergola installation services. Give us a call and check out our services! You’ll be amazed at how amazing your yard can look and how well-relaxed you can be after a day of chilling in one of our pergolas.

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