5 Old Chicago Brick & Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Brick homes aren’t a site seen quite often, so consider it a privilege if you have a chance to live in a house built in this style. Of course, it’s possible to spoil the exterior by making poor color choices for the design. Alternatively, picking appropriate brick and paint color combinations can lift your home’s appearance to a whole different level. 

We’re here to help with that. In this blog, we’ll show you how to choose paint colors that complement red brick, match the exterior, and give you tips for color palettes that go well with brick house colors. Of course, you’ll get to see the color combinations that go best with your house.

So, read on, and start designing the new look of your old Chicago brick home.

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How to Choose Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

Many homeowners get confused deciding what color paint goes with old Chicago brick, but there is no reason for confusion. The same principles apply in this case, just like any other color-picking situation. By default, the perfect match for any color lies on the opposite side of the color wheel. Purple and gold, blue and orange, and others are classic examples.

So, there is no going wrong with picking complementary colors. 

If you plan on designing your home’s exterior in three different hues, using the 60/30/10 rule might be the way to go. Usually, the color of the brick will serve as the dominant color, and you’ll have to pick the others that will complement it. Use 60% of the surface for the dominant paint, 30% for the second option, and 10% for details to accent the entire scheme.

Deciding Between Different Brick and Paint Color Combinations

Man Building a Brick House

Since there is a variety of brick house colors, different paint will go well and enhance the complete look of the property. Due to aging and other factors, certain brick areas may vary in color. This uncertainty leads to the same building styles requiring different exterior designs. So, answering the question “what color paint goes with old Chicago brick” isn’t that simple.

Instead, you’ll need to pull out some color swatches and put them against the outside walls of your home. Once you compare the samples to the building pieces, you’ll be able to tell what will suit you best.

Also, remember that brick isn’t the only thing you have to keep in mind. The roof presents a large piece of the puzzle. Because of a large surface area, its hue is usually the second part of the exterior color scheme.

Additionally, some houses have details such as stucco, and the finished product depends on their color. The landscaping is influential as well. If you have a plain lawn, it would be best to incorporate details that pop into the overall look. On the other hand, if your front yard is full of flowers and ornaments, going for a simpler house color scheme is the best idea.

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

Many people don’t know what color paint goes with old Chicago brick and how to pair it with the rest of the house’s exterior. With our tips, designing your home will come as simple as ever.

  • Use dirty whites instead of the crispier tones. Most of the off-white shades will look better on the outside when paired with red brick. Plain ol’ white tends to look too intense.
  • Choose a darker nuance than what you were planning. Colors look 5-10 times lighter on the exterior compared to what you’ve seen inside. So, plan ahead if you don’t want your “gray” to turn out blue.
  • Don’t cheap out on the materials! Buy high-quality paint if you’d like your house to look the same after some time. If you go for more affordable options, you’re at risk of darker colors fading after a while.
  • Don’t forget to test the paint. Painting the entire outside of your house isn’t an irrelevant assignment. So, try out the colors and make sure you absolutely love them. Chances are you’ll be looking at them for a while.

Best Brick and Paint Color Combinations

The Timeless Red Brick and White Paint Look

This classic look is a no-brainer. Pairing red brick with a white exterior makes sense. The one thing that you should keep in mind is not to go too bright with the nuance of white. Instead, choosing even the slightest off-white shade will give you a better result. And, going for something a bit darker or creamier won’t be a mistake. 

Especially since old Chicago brick usually has cracks and off-white areas to pair with the exterior. So, if you aim at a traditional look, this is the way to go.

A Combination of Light Red Brick and Dark Red Exterior Can Look Surprisingly Good

Many people will doubt this combination. At first, it may not look like such a great idea. But, if you do it correctly, the light and dark red crossover can appear quite appealing. The trick is in finding the right red tones. 

The two colors need to be visibly different. If they aren’t, the colors may blend, and your home won’t have any visible accents.

This colorway will give the house a contemporary look, so if that’s your wish, give it a shot.

Black Paint and Red Brick Is an Easy Pick

Modern Luxury Zen House With Blue Summer Sky and Green Grass Landscaping Design

If you want to play it safe, this is the way to go. Why? Black goes well with pretty much everything, including all brick house colors. So you can’t go wrong pairing it with old Chicago brick.

Exterior elements are crucial to creating the perfect balance of dark and light. If you have shutters or similar details that can be painted black, include them in the color scheme. With the right accents, this mix will become the contemporary style many homeowners seek.

Dark Blue Paint Will Give Your Home Some Elegance

Dark blue may not be the first to come to mind, but definitely is a color worth mentioning in this case. This might be a good fit if you had a more elegant look in mind. 

It’s worth mentioning that navy has proven to be the most fitting nuance of all dark blue shades. If you have a dark blue rooftop, you’re already halfway there. Paint the doors and windows the same manner, and you’re good to go.

A Yellow Door May Look Interesting

A yellow door won’t be most people’s first option. But, you may change your mind once you see how it looks. A yellow pop will make your house stand out from all the other homes on the block.

Who knows, maybe you’re meant to live in “the house with the yellow door.”

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