Are Travertine Pavers Outdated?

Today, you can choose many options when doing the exterior of your house, and the idea of a travertine paver driveway has probably popped into your mind. But now you don’t know if that’s good enough for you and whether travertine pavers are outdated.   

There are many beautiful driveways in Palm Beach County, and you deserve to have one too.  

We will help you by explaining a bit more about this exciting stone, so if you are in doubt, just keep reading.   

What Is Travertine?   

Marble, Pile of Slabs, Travertine Prepared for Incorporation

Travertine is a natural sedimentary rock that fits into the limestone category. However, it’s a bit different from common limestone due to its formation. This type of rock has residues of carbonate compounds, and it can be found in volcanic regions and caves. Its formation, conditioned by water and various minerals, make it unique and beautiful. It has a distinguished look, but it comes in several forms, textures, colors, and patterns.   

Because of that, travertine is super popular, especially when it comes to travertine pavers. Many designers love to use it, but also a lot of homeowners often opt for it. This natural stone has been a to-go option for many years, and because of that, some might dare to say it has become outdated.   

But the truth is travertine pavers and travertine paver driveways have never been more trendy, and there’s a reason for that. The unique look of the stone, the many different finishes, and the long list of benefits will never let travertine go out of style.  

Why Is It Good to Use Travertine?  

There is a reason why this sedimentary rock is a mainstay, and it’s more than just its looks. Many benefits of travertine will make you consider it as an option for your future remodeling.  

Here are the benefits of travertine:  

  • It’s durable  
  • It’s affordable  
  • It’s easy to maintain  
  • It’s eco-friendly  

Travertine Is Extremely Durable  

One of the reasons why people use this stone to this day is its durability. And when you are trying to find a suitable material to use for external application, it’s always crucial that the chosen material is as durable as it can be. The conditions outside are never the same as inside, so you always need to think about them in advance. Depending on the location you live, the weather can harshly affect the stone, and something that can always happen is mechanical damages caused by humans. On that end, travertine proved to be an excellent material for external application.  

It’s not the only durable stone available on the market today, but it’s the only one that’s easy to get, so it doesn’t cost a lot, which leads us to other benefits of travertine.   

Travertine Is Affordable  

Many other stones are durable, just as travertine, but none is as affordable as this sedimentary rock. Due to the abundant quantity of travertine in nature, its price is not high, and most households can afford it.   

Travertine Maintenance Is Easy  

It’s always important to consider the difficulty of maintenance when choosing your ideal stone. Your future will depend on it. We know what you are thinking now, but that’s the truth. If you choose a stone that’s easy to maintain, your life will be easier in the future. You won’t lose a lot of time taking care of it. Travertine maintenance is effortless; you just need to sweep it occasionally and hose it down. And depending on the finish, you would need to polish it occasionally. So, that’s everything you need to do, and it’s super easy. Travertine maintenance won’t give you headaches.

Eco-Friendly Travertine  

We live in a world where massive production and consumption are the standard, so for the sake of our future and the future of our planet, we should think a bit more about sustainability before we buy something. Eco-friendly travertine is an excellent option if you care about the environment. There are no production mechanisms involved in the production of travertine because it occurs naturally. And extraction of this stone is easy, so it doesn’t require a lot of energy. While other artificial materials can have toxic chemicals in them, travertine naturally doesn’t, so it’s safe to use it wherever you want inside and outside your house. And finally, you can easily recycle this type of stone. Tiles can be reused and used somewhere else, or you can use crushed for travertine paver driveways or decorations. Eco-friendly travertine is an excellent option for anyone caring about our planet.  

Many Faces of Travertine 

Travertine is mainly used for floor installations like travertine paver driveways and regular travertine pavers, and it’s a common sight in backyards and luxury lobbies around the globe. Depending on your needs, it can look simple and down to earth or high-end and extravagant.  Lastly, besides all the benefits of travertine, the main reason it never goes out of style is its appearance.

Various finishes make this rock unique and so versatile. And when you see them, you will never think about travertine as dull.  

  • Polished travertine 
  • Chiseled travertine 
  • Tumbled travertine 
  • Honed and filled travertine 

A Pool and a Travertine Patio Under Construction in a Backyard

Polished Travertine Finish 

This type of finish will bring a sleek look to your driveway and paved surfaces. It resembles marble, and it looks beautiful. Besides being polished, the finish looks kind of matte, which gives it a dose of luxury and integrity. With polished travertine, you should polish it from time to time to preserve its attractive appearance and make it more resistant to damage.   

Chiseled Travertine Finish 

A chiseled travertine finish is excellent for those wanting a little bit of a rustic feel and something different. The specific look is achieved by chipping away the edges creating a unique and rough look. Chiseled travertine is perfect for travertine paver driveways and outer pavers because it tolerates the edge of time exceptionally well.  

Tumbled Travertine Finish 

Another rustic option is a tumbled finish with a rough surface and its natural texture. It will look great in any driveway, but you should know that any natural holes need to be filled with grout. It may affect the appearance, but it needs to be done so that water and debris don’t damage the stone over time.  

Honed and Filled Finish 

A finish like this is the one that you would most often find in many outdoor pavers. In this case, travertine is ground and sanded, and the final product is a flat surface. Because of grounding and sanding, this finish is prone to damages, scratches, and quickly gets stained. That being said, you would need to maintain it a little bit more than travertine with different finishes if you want it to look impeccable. And if you don’t have time for that, you should choose a different finish. 

If Travertine Is What You Need 

We believe that by now you have a better idea about travertine, and why it didn’t go out of style, and why it probably won’t for a long time. It looks marvelous, it’s durable, eco-friendly, and most of all, it is affordable. If you decide you want a makeover of your outdoor paver in Palm Beach County, don’t hesitate to contact Cricket Pavers. We are here to clarify everything concerning travertine and provide you with the most professional service.

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