What Is Swimming Pool Coping and Why You Need It?

What is Pool Coping?

Swimming pool coping provides your pool with an extra layer of protection in style. If you are a homeowner who has a pool, you should consider pool coping for several reasons. 

First, coping for pools builds durability and utility. Second, while pool coping can prevent water damage, it also adds an area to grab onto when you plan to get out of the water. 

If you are wondering exactly what is pool coping, you have come to the right place. Pool coping is an additional border that professional pavers install with the pavers of your choice around the perimeter of your pool. 

The frame serves a functional purpose while also adding an aesthetically pleasing element. Cricket Pavers is a company that specializes in pool coping pavers in South Florida.

Coping refers to a protective covering on a wall in the architecture world. This addition similarly protects roofs or walls from water infiltration. The bond beam is the top layer where the pool meets the ground. When homeowners install an inground pool, the bond beam typically has exposed steel. 

Beautiful Swimming Pool and Exotic Wooden Terrace With Sunbath Chair

Pool Coping Pavers in South Florida

The exposed steel is not the safest, but it is also not the most sought-after look in backyard design. Pool coping comes in to solve safety and aesthetic concerns. Cricket pavers can provide excellent pool coping pavers in South Florida that will make your pool safe and attractive. 

Coping will cover your pool wall and divert water into your deck drain. Pavers construct the typical pool coping design with an outward slant that assists in directing splash out into your deck drain. 

The recommended materials used for coping are stone, concrete, plywood, and reinforced plastics. Wood and metal are widely available. However, the materials are not very durable and typically are a more considerable investment. In addition, they are commonly susceptible to wear or tear in a moist environment. Unless you want wood or metal for your design, we recommend alternative options. 

Why Is a Swimming Pools Coping Important?

Besides diverting splashing into your deck drains, swimming pool coping can have additional benefits to your outdoor oasis. 

  • Coping can help keep debris like leaves or dirt from getting into your pool.
  • Coping provides a sturdy way for swimmers to enter and exit your pool. Pools without coping create a higher risk for slipping and injuries. 
  • Coping prevents water buildup in the pool shell and other areas, ultimately protecting your pool from even more damage. 
  • If you opt to have a mechanical pool cover, coping can provide an excellent attachment feature to make your pool covering process much more efficient. 

Other Reasons to Ppt for Coping for Pools

In other words, you could even describe pool coping as inorganic landscaping. Of course, we are not referring to a sprawling floral bush or cool pines, but similar to landscaping, coping can give off a personal flair to your backyard space.

There are many different colors and materials you can choose from to make your backyard space unique and match the aesthetic of your home. In addition, your overarching design scheme can feature different cuts and finishes to complement your outdoor oasis. 

Materials To Use for a Swimming Pools Coping

A few key factors decide what kind of materials you should opt for when selecting your swimming pool coping. It is essential to consider budget, longevity, and more when choosing your materials. 

  • It would help if you considered safety. One reason people decide to install a pool coping in the first place is safety. Your materials should be slip-resistant, and the design should be sturdy. It is also important to consider temperature. You would want a material that does not absorb excess heat from the sun to avoid an uncomfortable surface. 
  • For increased safety, you can add a non-slip coating to whatever materials you chose.
  • Another factor you should consider when choosing coping for your swimming pool is the material’s durability. Like we mentioned earlier, wood and metal do not last long, so avoid those materials. What kind of investment do you want? Do you mind upkeep? 
  • If you have a saltwater pool, you will want to use a salt-resistant material. In addition, how will your climate impact the materials? All of these questions are important to consider when choosing your swimming pool coping materials.
  • If you are on a budget, you should consider the price of materials. Costs also go into paving your pool’s coping, so you will want to calculate all the factors before you begin. Planning can save you money while giving you a look you want. 
  • You should also consider if your coping will ever need replacement. What if some of the pavers are damaged? You will want to make sure that whatever pavers you use can be easily and readily replaced.
  • It would be best if you considered adding a sealant to prevent water damage to your chosen materials.
  • Finally, you will want to consider the current style and aesthetic of your yard space. If you are adding any renovations or improvements, consider how you plan to design those features. You will want your backyard to have a cohesive flow. Cohesion will not only make your space more attractive but add value to your home.  

Construction Worker Using Hand Groover on Wet Cement Forming Coping Around New Pool

What Are the Most Common Swimming Pool Pavers?

Typically, the most common pavers for swimming pool coping tend to be the tried and true traditional materials we know and love. However, it would be best to consider using bricks, marble, granite, pavers, or other natural stones when finishing your pool. The materials can be arranged on your bond beam to match the style and layout you prefer. 

What are the most common layouts and cuts for coping for pools?

When considering the layout you want, consider that Pavers will cut all forms of pool coping to slope away from the pool. However, a variety of ways pavers can cut the cast to make it unique while still sloping away from your pool. 

Some of the options you can choose from are flat-mount coping, rough-cut coping, cantilever-edge coping, top-mount coping, and bullnose coping. 

Again, it is essential to consider what kind of aesthetic you are going for. Swimming pool coping can add a gorgeous final touch to your outdoor oasis while making your pool design personalized. 

Pool Coping Pavers in South Florida

Adding coping to your pool can make it seem not only much more inviting but much safer. You have invested in having a pool in your backyard, so you will want to complete the effort by finalizing coping. 

Are you thinking about adding coping to your pool? If your pool is without the additional safety and overall aesthetic benefits of coping, give us a call. Cricket Pavers specializes in making your outdoor dreams come true. Our services include state-of-the-art coping for all varieties of budget. 

We will be here with you every step of the way, from choosing the best materials to installation. We will make sure to leave you with the ideal final product.

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