How To Choose The Best Waterline Tile For Your Pool?

Besides being an aesthetic improvement, pool waterline tile ensures the longevity of your pool. There is a wide variety of pool tile ideas regarding the design; still, the purpose of waterline tile is always the same. In terms of architecture, pool coping is the protective cap applied to the top of the wall to complete its look. Waterline tiles go along your pool frame, raised bond beam, and other water features like elevated spas. Their role is to protect the pool interior from chemical damage, sun, and debris. Waterline tiles keep your pool clean and allow easy maintenance by directing the dirty water from your pool into deck drains. 

Pools are generally prone to damage due to extreme weather, lots of traffic, and inadequate cleaning. If you wish to upgrade your pool area and ensure it lasts and stays in optimal condition, think about contacting experts on pool enhancements to get more information on choosing the best waterline tile for your pool. Investing in pool improvements doesn’t only boost the overall appeal of your patio; it also prevents any unforeseen surprises regarding your health and safety. Cricket Pavers have decades of experience in building and designing high-quality pool copings under their belt. These professionals will be happy to advise you and give you pool tile ideas on the best choice of material, design, and the most efficient ways of installation and maintenance.

There are several things to consider when deciding on an ideal pool coping for your swimming pool. Whether you are building a pool area from scratch or doing a pool waterline tile replacement, picking the proper material is crucial. Furthermore, the size and design of tiles also require careful selection since these impact your pool area’s general safety and appearance.

How to Choose the Best Material for Your Waterline Tiles? 

Outdoor Shallow Water Swimming Pool

Understanding the function of pool coping helps you choose the best of many available pool tile options. Due to the presence of constant moisture, modern pool waterline tile ideas do not suggest wood and metal as the right choice of material for your pool coping. These materials are rather susceptible to water. They are likely to deteriorate in a short time. The best pool waterline tile materials that experts will recommend are: glass, porcelain, and natural stone.

–       Natural Stone

Many pool tile ideas recommend natural stone for its durability and visual appeal. To achieve longevity and aesthetically improve your pool landscape, go for travertine, granite, or sandstone for your pool waterline tile. Cricket Pavers of Miami propose using natural stone pool coping because it is slip-resistant and weather resilient. Thus it will be safe and endure. Natural stone tiles cost more than other pool tile options, yet they denote elegance and purity, especially if you’re going for white pool tile. This material is also easy to maintain and keep clean.

–       Porcelain

Another accessible pool tile option is porcelain. This type of pool waterline tile calls for easy cleaning. Also, using porcelain tiles is useful and safe since this material is both water and UV-proof. Porcelain tiles won’t fade or lose strength because of direct sunlight, heat, and sustained exposure to the aquatic environment. Modern pool waterline tile ideas put porcelain pool coping forward since its balanced quality and price ratio. 

–       Glass

Many pool tile ideas propose glass as the material to use for giving a final touch to your pool coping. Glass can be the most durable of all materials used for waterline tiles if installed properly. It is not only resistant to chemical corrosion, but it allows numerous design alternatives and elevates the appearance of your pool area in general. If you are not sure about which material to pick, go over some modern pool waterline tile ideas to get a more precise picture of how you want your backyard to look. Glass waterline tiles offer the possibility of customizing the style of your pool coping. By using glass tiles, you can create an elegant and luxurious ambiance by installing white pool tile, or on the other hand, produce a tropical oasis with colorful mosaics. 

Pick a Design That Will Enhance the Overall Appeal of Your Patio

View From Above at a Swimming Pool With Blue Water Outdoors.

The best of many pool tile options will be the one that guarantees safety. This means you would want to go for a material that can absorb solar heat, is sturdy, and most of all, boasts a safe design. Pool tile ideas are not only about choosing the style that will blend naturally with your landscaping. You should also consider the availability of the waterline tiles you pick if there is a need for replacing or repairing. Modern pool waterline tile ideas offer both attractive and secure solutions. 

If you are into creating an opulent atmosphere, glass mosaic tiles are the most popular choice. Glass mosaics are one of the most fashionable trends and the cornerstone of a myriad of different pool waterline tile ideas. It comes in an array of rich colors. White pool tile can also be used for creating white mosaics, which tend to make the water look clear and sky-blue. White pool tile is usually made from porcelain, but natural stone too. Depending on your taste, you can be creative and combine different colors, shapes, and sizes of tiles for your pool coping in order to enhance the looks of your patio in general. By using porcelain tiles, you can create an elegant and luxurious ambiance by installing white pool tile. Alternatively, you can go for glass tiles and produce a tropical oasis with colorful mosaics. 

Benefits of Installing Pool Waterline Tiles

With the proper choice of waterline tiles for your pool, you will keep the pool shell or liner sealed, upgrade your backyard looks and prevent scum from building up around the pool’s edge. An airtight liner or shell is applied to the inside of the pool to prevent possible cracking, breaking and erosion. In order to keep this shell sealed, it is important to install waterline tiles over the shell and pool coping. Waterline tile also protects the pool edges. Furthermore, pools without waterline tile installed are more difficult to clean. The most common problem pool owners without waterline tile applied have is removing stains from the pool walls and edges. These stains come from the body oils, sunscreen, and pollen that are building along the waterline when they reach the surface of the water. 

If you are looking to rebuild or remodel your pool area, our team of experts will help you decide on a solution that will be secure, attractive, and within your budget. A pool waterline investment may only seem like something you can go without, but this improvement is more than only surface decoration. Covering all South Florida, we have carried out numerous successful projects. With impeccable installation services and the premium quality materials we use, your pool area will become a safe and beautiful outdoor extension of your living space.

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