5 Reasons to Choose Porcelain Pavers For Your Patio

Whether you are considering building or remodeling your patio, the first thing you should think about is finding the ideal pavers. Why is that? Backyard paving is the primarily foundation of all other outdoor living space enhancements. Outdoor pavers are a lead-in to all further projects that include upgrading your yard. With the right choice of paving, you can freely improve your patio with a pergola, an outdoor kitchen island, or some spa features, and be sure that your patio tiles stay in their optimal condition. 

With years of experience under their belt and numerous projects successfully carried out, Cricket Pavers will most willingly advise you on the best choice for your outdoor pavers. These experts in backyard enhancements highly recommend using porcelain paving for your patio because of its many benefits. If you want to make a safe investment that will guarantee the longevity of your patio pavers, choose the best option of material for your outdoor pavers and decide on a confirmed building company that offers an exemplary service of paver patio installation

Porcelain paving is not only a smart budget choice for your outdoor patio but is also a secure and long-lasting one. Besides being highly resilient to all kinds of weather conditions, porcelain patio tiles also give you the opportunity of customizing the design and appearance of your outdoor living space. To learn more reasons why porcelain pavers are ideal pavers for your backyard floor, we made a list that will give you a clearer picture. 

  1. Porcelain Paving Is the Best Choice for Utmost Temperatures

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Some paving materials are prone to deterioration due to extreme climates. The most common damages are fading and losing strength after exposure to the oppressive heat. On the other hand, if you live in an area where temperatures are low, freezing can cause your backyard floor to crack and break. Since porcelain pavers are water-proof thus frost-proof, choosing this type of material for your patio paving will prevent any blemishing due to freezing temperatures. Because of their manufacturing process, porcelain patio tiles are also UV-resistant. This means that even during South Florida summers, porcelain pavers won’t get candescent and will be safe to walk on without the risks of burns. According to Cricket Pavers, Miami clients choose porcelain as their go-to pavers, mostly because of its weather resistance.

  1. Porcelain Paving Is Low Maintenance

One of the many advantages of porcelain patio tiles is that this kind of paving is relatively maintenance-free, making porcelain tiles the ideal pavers money and time-wise. Sweeping porcelain paving once or twice a week will be enough to keep it looking good and clean. If you would like for your outdoor pavers to gleam, use a mixture of two gallons of water in which you’ve added half a cup of white vinegar. Mopping the porcelain pavers with this mixture will bring out its shine. If you are not into DIY cleaning solutions, you can use hot water and pH-neutral cleaning detergent instead. With textured porcelain pavers, you can get rid of debris by using a vacuum cleaner or a soft-bristled brush to reach the dirt amassed in the textured surface. Also, an occasional power wash will do the job. 

  1. Porcelain Patio Tiles Allow You to Create a Customized Design

There is a wide selection of outdoor pavers made from porcelain. Usually, porcelain flooring is made to imitate natural stone, such as marble, slate, and travertine. The size of porcelain patio tiles can also vary from the smallest pieces to large-format tiles. With having in mind how versatile porcelain tiles are, you can improve the look of your patio by choosing the color, texture, and size of your flooring slates to suit your taste, budget, and style of your home. For example, wood surfaces require a lot of maintenance, but you can apply porcelain tiles designed to look like classic wood slabs resistant to stains, swimming pool chemicals, and thermal shocks, which wood paving couldn’t stand. To create an elegant, classic appeal, choose a porcelain floor that has more resemblance to a marble one and comes in large tiles. You can also create a colorful pattern or even a mosaic made from different styles of porcelain tiles and give your backyard unique looks.

  1. Installing a Porcelain Floor Is Cost-Effective

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Compared to other materials, the porcelain floor has a perfect ratio of cost and quality. Investing in marble slates can be quite expensive, not only to install but also to maintain and repair. Concrete, on the other hand, is affordable but more prone to damages. When you consider that porcelain slates are scratch-resistant, easy to maintain, can last a lifetime, and are water and UV-proof, the possible higher cost is insignificant. Besides, the cost of porcelain floors also depends on the type of tiles you want to use, so you can always adjust your choice to your budget.

  1. The Process of Applying Porcelain Floor to Your Patio Is Not Difficult

Like all types of patio paving, installing porcelain slabs on your patio is also a job that you can do by yourself. Building experts recommend doing the dry layout of your pavers first to check if you have enough tiles. Another reason for the dry layout is to see if you like the looks of your yard improvements. Based on this first step, you can make some changes if needed. For this project, you’ll need to be equipped with the right materials and tools. That mostly includes substances and devices required for applying sub-base and bedding mortar before paving. Also, there is a possibility you’d have to cut some slabs for them to fit, which calls for a bench saw fitted with a diamond blade. If all this sounds a bit too complicated and may impact your budget more than planned, you can choose to rely on professionals to ensure that the job runs smoothly.

Considering its high density, mechanical resistance, and low porosity, a porcelain floor is one of the best choices for your patio paving. Besides being strong and impenetrable, it is also a long-term aesthetic enhancement for your backyard. If you ever decide to sell your house, it will curb its overall appeal and count as a plus on the housing market. Since it increases the value of your home, it is a sure return on investments.

If you are trying to think of the best solution for your backyard paving, we will be happy to help you. Cricket Pavers is a team of experienced hard-workers who will ensure that all your requirements and expectations get fulfilled. We will consult you about the proper materials and the designs that would suit the taste, budget, and general style of your home. Using premium quality materials and offering an impeccable installation service, we guarantee that the job will be carried out efficiently, meticulously, and in a short time.

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