7 Innovative Ideas for Your Next Pool Remodeling Project

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Pools are prone to deterioration due to mechanical issues, structural damage, sometimes even underground plumbing. Since all of these problems result from changes in your pool’s water level, high water bills, cracks in your pool surface or pool deck, and loose pool tiles, occasional pool renovations are highly recommended. A pool makeover is required every 10-15 years, depending on usage of the pool, maintenance, and exposure to extreme weather. 

Ignoring the first signs of pool damaging may result in further worsening. Because of this, you should react on time and contact the best pool remodeling company to prevent any harm. 

What Are the Benefits of Pool Remodeling?

Pool remodeling is a significant aesthetic improvement of your backyard, and it most certainly enhances the durability of your pool. Pool makeover can also improve your property value if you ever decide to place your house on the market. Investing in pool renovations will bring out the beauty of your landscape and make your outdoor living space a perfect place to spend time with your friends and family. Furthermore, swimming pool remodeling will make your pool a safer place by improving its hygiene and functionality.  

Pool renovation ideas don’t always have to include upgrading your pool makeover, but the area surrounding it. Enhancing your backyard and the landscaping can also be a part of your pool renovations. That way, you can expand your living space and create a real sanctuary just outside your house.  

Here are some pool upgrade ideas you should consider when remodeling a swimming pool.

  1. Enhance Your Pool Area by Adding Water Features

A very popular pool renovation idea is upgrading your pool area by adding water features like waterfalls, fountains, or spa elements. Spa elements refer to heated and jetted pools known as hot tubs in the swimming pool remodeling. A spa pool can be connected to your swimming pool, or you can use it as a standalone feature. Experienced pool remodeling company, Cricket Pavers of Miami, recommends pool renovation idea on installing this swimming pool addition for its numerous benefits to your health. 

Bubbler fountains and water bowls are emerging trends over the last couple of years and add to your landscape impression. The Cascade waterfall feature is another pool upgrade idea because of its affordability and alluring appearance that you can add as part of your pool makeover. 

  1. Apply Pool Deck Pavers
    The Edge of Swimming Pool With Calm Blue Crystal Clear Water and Concrete Paving Floor in Perspective View. Summer Evening Time.

Pool remodeling includes the whole pool area, which means that if you have decided to do pool renovations, you should also think about your pool decking. Choosing adequate material is the most important thing to consider for your pool deck. Natural materials resistant to high temperatures are the perfect choice for the Miami climate. Pool renovation ideas most commonly suggest a concrete pool deck for its durability and resilience. Concrete is also a material that can be custom-designed. On the other hand, marble decking discourages the growth of bacteria, which makes it a perfect choice for humid surroundings that are breeding grounds for all sorts of microorganisms. Both concrete and marble are weather-resistant, but marble stands the test of time, while concrete needs occasional repairing. 

  1. Upgrade Your Pool Appearance With Led Lights

Besides being eco-friendly and energy-efficient, LED lights immensely improve the look of your outdoor living space. Compared to regular pool lighting, LED lights can come in many colors. By installing a logic controller, you can manage the light intensity too. With a much longer lifespan than regular light bulbs, LED lights require less maintenance than usual pool lighting, for there is no need for frequently replacing bulbs.  

  1. Create a Perfect Spot for Lounging 

Pool upgrade ideas propose adding a few hammocks, a sun lounger, and some outdoor sofas. This way, you can create a great place for hanging out and relaxing. The pool doesn’t have to be about swimming only, so swimming pool remodeling can also include renovations on the rest of your patio.  

Another pool upgrade idea is to create a beach entrance. This part of the pool is ideal for sunbathing and cooling down without the need of getting into the water. Beach entrance is also a safe investment, particularly if you have children. A zero-entry slopping pool will allow a more secure entrance without the need for stairs or ladders.

  1. Explore Adding Fire Features 

Pool renovation ideas suggest adding features like fire bowls and stone fire pits around your pool for creating natural light and a warm atmosphere. Fire bowls are prefabricated and come in square and round shapes. They are available in various materials and colors. Choosing ones that match your backyard style will improve the ambiance of the outdoor space. You also have the option of having a fire feature built directly into your pool. These decorative structures are only of that nature. Fire pits are most generally custom-built and designed according to your taste.

  1. Adjoin an Outside Kitchen to Your Pool Area
    Closeup View of Opened Barbecue Grill at Outdoor Patio

Building an outdoor kitchen around your pool will expand your living space beyond the walls of your home. You will have an opportunity to spend a lot more time outside, without the need to go back and forth to your house. With a grill and an installed sink, you can spend the whole day around your pool hosting a friend gathering or enjoying with your family. Having a backyard kitchen also increases the value of your house and will save you up a lot of money on energy bills. Custom-designed, it can match your house and pool style. 

  1. Resurface Your Pool

If your pool is leaking, or you notice cracks and stains on the surface of your pool, it’s time to give it a resurfacing treatment. Resurfacing your pool will improve it in a practical manner, making it more healthy attractive. You should be both smart and innovative when choosing the resurfacing material. Vinyl liner is the best investment since it never needs resurfacing, yet the liners need replacement after five to ten years. Concrete pools are finished with a coat known as plaster, which is usually covered with epoxy, paint, and sometimes fiberglass. Concrete pools can also be covered in tile instead of plaster. Resurfacing your concrete pool by replacing the plaster needs to be done every ten to twenty years.

How to Choose the Right Pool Remodeling Company?

To ensure your pool renovation or resurfacing project runs smoothly, hiring a competent pool remodeling company is of crucial importance. A company should have years of experience in outdoor living space projects and provide you with a portfolio of their prior work. Look for an insured and licensed professional who will make certain that work is done properly with high-quality material. 

Finding a reliable and trustworthy company for your outdoor space enhancements may be quite a hassle, especially if you live in Miami. Cricket Pavers is an established business with numerous successfully finished projects. We offer impeccable and quality service. If you are thinking about redesigning or resurfacing your pool, do not hesitate to contact us.

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