Why Travertine Pavers Are a Great Idea for Driveways

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Although it may seem that driveway investments are excessive and pricey, investing in your driveway renovation not only upgrades your home’s overall appearance but also makes your house more desirable for potential buyers. Over and above, your outdoor living space reflects the inside of your house. Just by installing driveway pavers, you can ensure a positive first impression. Most importantly, the looks of your landscaping, driveway, and patio tell a lot about the general maintenance of your home. With travertine paver installation and complemented landscaping, your front yard can easily become a breathtaking sight. 

Travertine pavers have the most balanced ratio of durability, price, and style as opposed to all other materials you can use for your driveway improvements. Concrete is the most common choice for driveway remodeling projects since it can withstand massive loads and heavy traffic. Besides, concrete is also highly durable and can last for years. On the other hand, travertine driveway pavers give a more elegant and luxurious impression than concrete driveways yet have the same resistance and durability as concrete. Travertine pavers require less maintenance than other materials and are easier to repair or replace. Next to the concrete and tiling driveway, another material you can use is marble. Marble is a natural stone and is highly durable and weather resilient. It can stand the test of time but is a higher investment. 

Before remodeling your driveway, you should find a company that can provide you with the best installation service. Ask the professionals to consult you on what material fits your budget and taste. They can also introduce you to driveway ideas that can help you choose the design for your front yard. Cricket Pavers Miami is a reliable and experienced team specialized in impeccable installations of driveway pavers. Being in business for years, Cricket Pavers highly recommend travertine pavers as one of the best choices for tiling driveway. To learn more about why driveway tiles are the best choice for your driveway, here are the reasons for going for a travertine paver with useful ideas for driveway pavers.

  1. Travertine Pavers Are Durable

Travertine has been used throughout history as a building material for temples, monuments, and amphitheaters. Travertine driveway pavers can withstand massive loads and are usually adequate for heavy traffic. Besides its high density, travertine is less prone to damage compared to other materials. It is also weather resilient since it has superior thermal and acoustic insulating properties. While marble tends to lose its color in contact with stains and spillages, travertine paver tile doesn’t ever lose its pigmentation. When it comes to concrete, cracks and breaks are inevitable. Your concrete contractor can introduce you to your driveway’s load-bearing capacity and help you prevent early damages. Concrete deterioration takes time but is later on much harder for repairing and remodeling. Driveway tiles enable you to replace damaged travertine paver tile easily and by yourself.  

  1. Tiling Driveway Gives You an Opportunity for Customized Design
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To bring the appearance of your front yard to another level, use travertine driveway pavers for their high ability for design customizing. Driveway pavers of travertine are produced as driveway tiles and come in colors ranging from light shades of yellow to vibrant red. Travertine driveway pavers are made from natural stone, giving them a unique look and setting them apart from driveway pavers made from brick or cement that usually look dull. Many people believe that travertine and marble are the same types of stone for their resemblance, mostly in color and structure, but travertine is classified as limestone, not marble stone. Since travertine and marble are both natural stones, they share a distinctive pattern resulting from the way they are formed. If you use travertine paver tile in your driveway, you can install the matching marble floor for your patio, considering these two materials complement each other. By going through driveway pavers ideas, you can get an idea of your own and create a design that suits your taste and budget. 

  1. Travertine Driveway Tiles Are Easy Maintaining

Driveway pavers from travertine require little attention. An occasional power wash is enough to keep your driveway neat. Rinse the tiles with clear water to remove any dirt. Use gentle cleaners and a microfiber mop or rag for more persistent stains. If you decide on polishing your travertine flooring, don’t use soap for cleaning since it leaves greasy streaks. Travertine is more prone to lose its quality in constant contact with water, especially salty ones. Travertine tile flooring around pools requires sealing every couple of years because of that reason. If you choose travertine for driveway remodeling, you won’t need to add extra protection. 

  1. It’s Affordable to Make Driveway Pavers Ideas Come To Reality

People sometimes think that the driveway remodeling is a hefty and excessive investment, but this isn’t the case with travertine. Travertine flooring does not only elevates the overall impression of your house but raises the value of your property. One of the greatest strengths of travertine is that it is a premium quality material you can get for a reasonable price. Apart from that, upgrading your front yard with travertine will be worth it in the long run.

  1. Tiling Driveway Boosts the Value of Your House
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Potential customers tend to decide which house to buy just by viewing the exterior. Small improvements around your hose like working on your garden, cleaning your patio and your doorway, and replacing broken stones or pavers in your driveway will count. The maintenance of your front yard tells about the general maintenance of your home. To ensure you won’t have to put a lot of money in repairing your outdoor space to place it on the housing market and gain buyers, invest in travertine pavers for their strength and durability. Driveway pavers’ ideas recommend creating a landscape as a practical aesthetic improvement of your front yard. You can plant flowers and trees that complement the color and the style of your travertine flooring. Adding some light features like torches can also boost the overall appearance. These small investments will curb the appeal of your outdoor space and your sell price.

Although concrete and marble are good choices for your driveway renovation, travertine has the best quality-to-price ratio. Besides being beneficial for your property and having multiple practical advantages over other materials, a travertine driveway is the most reliable way of improving your front yard. 

To ensure that you will receive an exquisite service that suits your budget, Cricket Pavers are the best choice of company you can make. We work with high-quality materials and provide meticulous service. Call us, and we will arrange that your outdoor living space enhancements run smoothly and make you a happy and satisfied customer with a job well done.

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