Waterline Tile Trends to Watch Out for In 2023

The pool area is meant for relaxation and enjoyment more than anything else. It’s the part of the property that’s not designed for work. And it should stay that way. Still, having a pool offers more advantages than simply taking a dip during the warm days.

Having a well-built swimming space raises the value of your property, among other things. And, of course, the pool can be the most attractive part of your land if appropriately planned.

Those who enjoy design know that any modern pool is an opportunity to express your creativity and do something unique in or around your house. The waterline tile is one of the areas that allow improvisation, so it’s perfect for folks with an artistic spirit.

Before you start breaking tiles and putting up new ones, read this article.

We reviewed our favorite modern pool tile ideas that will take your swimming space to a different level. Waterline tile is more significant than it may seem, so pay attention.

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Our Favorite Swimming Pool Tile Ideas for Waterline Tile

Nowadays, tiles come in all kinds of variations. So, there are plenty of options for the perfect waterline tile. Here are the four picks we decided on this time. They are all easily attainable and excellent for this type of job.

Check out our favorites and see which pool tile ideas you prefer.

Glass Tiles

Modern Contemporary Home Screened Glass Lanai Private Pool Spa With View of Tropical Lake in Florida With Blue Water in Clean House

Nowadays, luxurious pools are known for having glass details. Resorts use them for waterline tile solutions and other areas that can be enhanced visually. That’s why glass tiles are the first on our list.

Glass is clear, so this type of tile is perfect for waterline design. It reflects natural light and helps the pool’s aesthetic in one move. Their appearance has raised the popularity of this material, so you can see more and more mosaic pool tiles available for this exact purpose.

Since there are multiple choices available, you’ll have to pick your favorite of all glass tiles. Mosaic pool tile is just one of the options you can choose. Glass subway tiles and custom glass blends are also popular nowadays.

Though mosaic pool tile may be a bit more expensive than the competition, in the end, the price may be worth it. The visual appearance of this type of tile increases the value of your home, so if you sell your property one day, the investment will be worth it. Keep in mind that the prices already went down due to the rise in popularity of this material.

Ceramic Pool Tiles

Ceramic pool tiles are also a fan favorite in the last couple of years. We’ve seen a rise in interest in this type of tile lately, and we can understand why.

Not only are they affordable, but they are also quite durable and waterproof. Since you have a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes, there’s nothing not to like. On top of all that, cleaning ceramic tiles isn’t complicated. You won’t have to spend days doing maintenance but simply wipe off any dirt. These are scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about day-to-day damage.

Most ceramic pool tiles are a shade of blue, but you don’t have to think so straightforwardly when doing the waterline. Instead, experiment with a different color and allow the waterline to pop more than the rest of the pool.

Nowadays, modern pools can include tiles of different shapes and textures, so let yourself be creative.

Porcelain Tiles

If you aren’t a fan of grout lines, porcelain tiles have something to offer. This type of tile has been popular for quite some time, but lately, we’ve seen them used for waterline details more often.

Porcelain gives a more solid feel to the construction apart from its attractive appearance. These tiles are non-porous and prevent future water damage. Since no water can get through, the tile loosening with time is unexpected. Porcelain is durable and easy to clean, as well.

Of course, plenty of variations are available, and choosing your favorite is on no one else but you. 

Porcelain tiles are soft to the touch but perfect for decorative areas. So, if your pool looks bland, use this type of tile to break up the monotony. A pop of color never hurt anybody.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone is the best of the best when it comes to swimming pool tiles. 

Going for a stone look is smart since materials like marble, granite, quartzite, and limestone are increasing in popularity. And their quality was never questioned. The unique characteristics of these tiles can’t be replicated, and if you’re looking into natural stone tiles, you’re likely a fan.

For example, granite doesn’t require much maintenance. It’s resistant to ammonia, acid, and alcohol. On the other hand, limestone is known for being extremely durable with a timeless appearance. Quartzite is famous for having the hardest surface out of the bunch and usually comes in lighter shades. However, when combined with minerals, you can find quartzite tiles in vivid colors.


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding waterline tile ideas.

What Is the Trend for Pool Tile in 2023?

Contrast. That seems to be the go-to option for most homeowners these days. Checkerboards and stripes are also quite popular worldwide. Uniformly, pops of color in an otherwise monotonous pool are a hit that doesn’t plan to go away. 

Pink and green colors can be seen on waterlines quite often, and we expect to see more of the “boutique hotel vibe” in the future. Check it out and see if that’s the best idea for your home swimming area.

Does Waterline Tile Change Pool Color?

Don’t be afraid of a bit of pop. Waterline tiles won’t change the overall color of your pool. Instead, they will influence only the areas nearby.

But you don’t need to consider anything beyond the perimeter. Feel free to improvise with colors; it won’t hurt the pool.

Is Checkerboard Still in Style?

Black and White Mosaic Stone Wall

Most trends come and go, but certain designs keep coming back. When it comes to waterline tile, the checkerboard is a timeless classic. Its popularity never seems to go away, and that’s likely why we still see this pool design so often.

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