Pergola Design Ideas For Summer Living

Your home’s exterior has been looking kind of bland? There’s no better way to spice things up than to add a modern pergola to your backyard. Not only do they give you a proper space to relax and enjoy the shade, but they’ll improve the visual appeal of your home. 

On top of that, you’ll increase the value of your property and have a relaxing addition to the backyard turn out to be an investment.

But, what type of pergola design to choose? Nowadays, there are many different pergola styles to choose from, and making a decision isn’t that simple. Luckily, our team has done the research for you.

Keep reading this blog to see your options and weigh which pergola installation fits your home the best. Then, contact Cricket Pavers and update your relaxing area with a Miami pergola.

Slated Wooden Design That Matches the Furniture

You’re already halfway there if you have high-quality wooden furniture in your backyard. That type of outdoor setting will fit in perfectly with a wood pergola.

The main advantage a modern pergola with a slated structure has over the other options is its design allows the air to flow. The air can go through more comfortably while you get to keep your shade. So, not only will the sun be out of your eyes, you’ll get to enjoy a soft breeze cooling you off while you relax in the shadows.

The best thing you can do with this type of wood pergola installation is to pair it with a furniture setup of similar color. So, if you plan on investing in a pergola, look for the pieces that complete the ensemble.

Go Super-Sized

Pergola and Terrace of Modern Prefabricated House

Do you enjoy throwing outdoor parties? Think about incorporating a larger pergola installation into your backyard if you have a big family or like hosting your friends over for a barbecue. This type of pergola design will completely change the dynamic of your cookouts and take your parties to a different level.

People that decide on a super-sized pergola installation usually do one large enough to fit the entire entertainment area. So, the grill, table and chairs, and a relaxation station should all fit into the shade. 

Don’t assume that this type of design will be too imposing until you see the complete idea live. Most of the pergola styles of this size incorporate light-toned wood that pairs well with many home styles. They also have hanging baskets with ferns to soften the look and are usually a bit higher than other installations. This is all done to avoid overcrowding and the feeling of missing space.

A Waterfall Sure is Different

Making a statement can’t go wrong with a pergola design that includes a waterfall. This isn’t a piece you see in most backyards, so if you’re looking for something to catch a few eyes – a waterfall might be it.

For those that have their fair share of tropical plants in the backyard, this modern pergola might be what their backyard is missing. 

The pairing works unbelievably well. With laid-back seating, trees, leaves, and a waterfall nearby, your friends will feel like they’re relaxing in a modern-day jungle.

This type of design isn’t for those with a smaller budget, but if comfort is the only thing on your mind – a waterfall pergola is the way to go.

Try a Shaded Sunken Space

There are people out there that wish to separate their pergola space from the rest of the backyard. And that’s completely acceptable. If you are one of them, maybe going with a sunken design with a lot of vegetation is your safest bet.

With this type of pergola, you get to combine climbing plants and a relaxing shaded area. Many people implement fragranced varieties to enhance the ambiance further, but that’s a personal preference. 

The sure thing is that using different plants and combining multiple sorts will resemble the wilderness most guests enjoy. So it will be perfect if you and your friends are the outdoorsy types.

Modern Options are Adjustable

Everything is “smart” nowadays. Why should your backyard be any different? If you go back and forth with enjoying the sun and the shade, getting a pergola with a retractable roof will be the perfect match for your home.

This way, you get to enjoy the shade when you need a break from tanning in your backyard. And, you always have an option to remove the roof and get some extra light in your lounge area.

This type of pergola often comes in a lighter color to enhance the lighting. Pairing it with a porcelain wall cladding will make the composition whole and turn your backyard into a relaxation masterpiece.

Extend the Interior With a Pergola

Trendy Outdoor Patio Pergola Shade Structure

Pergolas can be freestanding and set anywhere in your yard. But, they can also be attached to your house. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to extend the interior of your home, or encourage mixed indoor-outdoor living, maybe you should think about this type of wood pergola.

It will act as an extension to your home and give you an outdoor area you can enjoy. Also, it will make the inside of your house look more spacious.

You can let your imagination go free and see what type of additions you can use to make them look even more appealing from the outside. Many people implement climbing roses and other plants to let the outdoors mix with the interior.

Adding a pergola with a whole roof will give you a space you can enjoy even when it rains. 

When lousy weather ruins an outdoor party, you won’t have to run into your home. You’ll have an outside lounge area perfect for the occasion.

Let Loose With a Hanging Chair

Pergolas are there to help you relax and spend more time outdoors. Most often, they are accompanied by lounge chairs and other comfortable seating options.

We recommend getting yourself a pergola installation sturdy enough to hold a hanging chair. It’s a fun way to spice up the seating arrangements and get a conversation going, and of course, it’s a great way to relax after a long day.

On top of all the benefits a hanging chair can bring you, it will also look appealing to potential home buyers. That’s a factor that should always be in the back of your head when investing in your property.

Many people try to mix and match when it comes to the design. Going with a darker pergola and a white hanging egg chair looks quite good. Make sure to check out this combo before deciding which pergola type to get for your home.

Get a Pergola in Miami

Miami weather isn’t that enjoyable if you don’t have shade to hide every once in a while. That’s why having a pergola in your backyard is crucial to living your best life in this area.

Contact Cricket Pavers and schedule a pergola installation in no time.

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