Patio and Deck Combination Ideas

If you want to enjoy your backyard and use its full potential thoroughly, you should invest your time and money into building a perfect patio and a deck that will suit all of your needs.    

However, sometimes choosing the right combination can be overwhelming, especially if many options are available. If you struggle with your outdoor space ideas and don’t know where to start, well-experienced deck and patio contractors in Miami can help you.    

We can give you guidelines and advice on where to start and help you with inspiration for your new beautiful backyard. Keep reading this article if you are thinking about adding a patio and a deck to your space or renovating the one you have.    

Why Do You Need a Deck and Patio Combo?  

If you’ve come across any deck and patio ideas and don’t know why you would need something like that, we’ll do our best to explain you.  

A deck and patio combo is excellent for smaller and larger backyards. It’s the best way you’ll be able to utilize the space and even gain more if your deck and patio design is done correctly. You can make the most out of your outdoor area no matter how you decide to place your deck and patio combo, horizontally or vertically.   

The horizontal position is the classical option, and it’s perfect if you have more space and want to use it as much as you can. And vertically positioned deck and patio design can be an attractive option for smaller areas, making them seem larger. You’ll have an upper-level deck and a patio on the lower level.   

It’s a perfect design solution for anyone who wants two separate areas. The upper one can be cozy, where you’ll spend your afternoons and nights, while the lower one can be your outdoor-cooking zone or a place for gatherings and parties. Of course, you can always use the space however you like, and we are sure that you already have specific ideas in your head.   

Building a beautiful deck and patio combo will also increase the market value of your whole property, which is always a great thing if you suddenly decide you want to relocate and you need to sell your house.   

What to Look for in Deck and Patio Design  

Interior Design: Beautiful Modern Terrace Lounge With Pergola at Sunset

When thinking about deck and patio ideas, you need to consider what you already have in your backyard. The whole process can be a bit different depending on the current state of your yard. 

Suppose you don’t have anything, just a plain yard with grass, so it can be exhausting to plan everything and come up with deck and patio ideas. That’s why it’s best to hire professional patio and deck builders that can make your blank canvas into a masterpiece.   

You can always find deck and patio design ideas online or consult with your hired company. Inspiration is everywhere, and you should pay attention to your neighbors’ backyards or your friends. It doesn’t mean you should copy the looks of someone’s whole outdoor space but take inspiration. You will also notice the things you don’t like, and you’ll be able to avoid them once the design process for your deck and patio combo begins.   

Think about what you want to have and what you will use your deck and patio combo for in the future. Do you plan on hosting dinners or making barbeques every Sunday? Or do you only wish to have everything for yourself and your family to enjoy and relax? It is vital because the final design has to reflect your primary needs.   

Is there anything you always wanted to have in your backyard? Maybe now is the perfect time for that. Remember everything you saw and liked and write it down because it will be helpful in the upcoming deck and patio design process.  

Also, you shouldn’t forget that the ultimate deck and patio design has to be practical, strategically placed, and aesthetically pleasing. Anything less than that isn’t a good thing, and you’ll only regret it afterward. 

Don’t be afraid if you don’t have anything in your backyard; sometimes, it’s even better to start with a blank slate and create something entirely new.  

Deck and Patio Ideas Using an Existing Deck  

Having an existing deck can be a significant advantage if you work with professional patio and deck builders. It means you’ll have your outdoor dream space much faster, and you’ll be able to enjoy its full potential sooner. A good company will be able to embed the patio with the deck perfectly, and nobody will even notice that the two were built separately.  

When doing a combo like this with an existing deck, there’s often a need for renovation, especially if you built it many years ago. You have a chance to do some touch-ups or fully renovate it and upgrade it if it doesn’t suit your style anymore. It’s also a perfect opportunity to change your deck if you weren’t involved in its initial design, which often happens when buying second-hand properties.  

If you don’t have a problem with your existing deck, you can maybe cover it if it’s open. A covered one allows you to use your backyard more often and for a prolonged period. You could even enjoy it if it’s raining or it’s a bit chilly in the afternoon. A covered deck gives you a chance to use your outdoor space all year round.  

Deck and Patio Ideas: Material 

Backyard Patio With Bbq Grill and Dining Table on Deck

The material you will use for your deck, and patio combo depends on your preferences and style. There are many options out there for both these things.  

Materials that you can use for a deck range from pressure-treated wood, PVC decking, and aluminum to hardwood. Each of these materials has its pros, and the price points are different, so you’ll be able to find something that fits your budget.  

There are so many materials you can use for your patio, and it can be pretty challenging to choose because there are so many excellent ones. Again, it all ends with your preferences and your style. You can have a concrete patio or one made out of mixed materials. You can use rustic bricks or flagstone if you want a more classical design. Or, if you want to achieve a modern look, you can always use stones like granite or marble

But the most important thing is to properly combine the deck and the patio part so that everything fits together aesthetically. And don’t worry, it’s not your job to do it, you only have to say what you desire, and your patio and deck builders are the ones that will make everything fit together perfectly.  

Choose the Best Company for the Job  

When building anything, the most critical thing is to find the best company for the job. A deck and patio company needs to have experience with building decks and patios so that it can bring your vision to life. When working with an excellent company, you can forget about stress and problems. A team of trained professionals will ensure that everything is on time, runs smoothly, and that the final product is exactly what you’ve imagined.  

We at Cricket Pavers have years of experience in making people’s dreams come true and building their perfect outdoor living spaces. We don’t make compromises, and we don’t leave room for errors. Our numerous satisfied customers from the Miami area are now enjoying their free time on their decks, soaking up the sun. If you want to join them, don’t hesitate to call us and ask us anything about patios and decks. We are here to help you!

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