How to Prepare Your Artificial Grass for Spring?

How to Clean Artificial Grass

You already have the turf installed in your backyard and have plans to utilize your outdoor oasis. You’re all ready for the spring and summertime months. But you may be asking yourself, along with other homeowners, how do I manage cleaning artificial grass? The warm weather is fast approaching, so it is about time to spruce up your backyard. 

Turf is relatively resilient, but still, you wouldn’t want to take any measures to damage your expensive artificial lawn. It is crucial to understand how to clean fake grass.

Cricket Pavers supplies artificial grass in South Florida. We have all your outdoor solutions covered, including tips on artificial grass cleaning. Your lawn will be full of clean grass in no time. 

If you are a resident of South Florida, you probably have to move around some backyard furniture. If you have turf, some weeds may be inching up at the corners of your synthetic grass. 

Artificial grass in South Florida is a trendy and manageable option for a groomed-looking lawn. While the upkeep of turf is much milder than regular, natural grass, there are some steps you should take to make sure your lawn maintains its manicured aesthetic. 

A Studio Photo of a Garden Rake on Fake Turf

Step-by-Step: How to Clean Fake Grass

Clear out your space

While going about how to clean artificial grass, you must have a cleared-out space. You are going to want to access exactly what your backyard needs. 

You will first need to move aside anything you may have on your patio, like lawn furniture, toys, or planters. Think of anything that rests on your artificial turf. 

A cleared-out lawn will also make it easier to dust and polish out your turf. Besides, you will be able to redecorate or rearrange for the new season if you may be interested in doing so.  

It is also essential to move around your backyard furniture so you can switch off which areas of your turf are covered. Moving around yard furniture will prolong the life of your artificial lawn while providing a spruced-up look. You wouldn’t want one area of your yard to undergo all the wear and tear.

How Has Your Turf Held Up?

Now that you have cleared away your lawn, you can examine to see if the winter months have had any effect on your turf’s condition. Even though artificial grass is much more resistant to a winter climate, wear and tear can still occur. It is much better to catch the damage at an early stage to mitigate replacement. 

If there are any damaged parts of your turf, you can patch these spots up with the leftover turfs you have from installation. If you do not have any extra, we can supply you with small batches to elevate your lawn to its original status. There is no need to redo the entire yard.

Cleaning Artificial Grass

Now that your lawn is clear and you have replaced any damaged bits, you are on your way to clean grass. Artificial grass cleaning requires only a bit of water, a few simple tools, and some patience. 

The winter months can deposit debris like twigs or dust that lodge into your fake grass. These variants can rot and impose on the turf drainage system, and it is imperative to avoid that to avoid issues. 

If you wonder how to clean artificial grass with tools, you will first want to find something non-metal. Then, using a synthetic brush or rake, sweep any litter out of your turf. 

Cricket Paver suggests using plastic or synthetic materials for brushing through the turf without damage. Next, using a garden hose, rinse through your artificial turf.

Take extra attention to any spots that may have pet urine. Turf does not process waste as natural grass would, so you will want to clean the area to avoid foul smells.

You can use a deodorizer product to combat smells or take a DIY approach. Mix water and white vinegar and apply to the area to neutralize the odors. Ask our specialized team at Cricket Pavers what solution is best for your situation. 

How to Clean Fake Grass Stains

Other stains can damage and stain your turf. Instead of waiting till before the summer to address stains, you should check after they could occur. For example, if you have guests over, do a walk-through of your lawn to assess for any alcohol or other stains.

Alcohol can damage artificial grass. It is best to tend to these stains as soon as you can. If you catch the stain right away, you will want to absorb the liquid with a paper towel first. Then dab the area, and rinse with a hose. After that, you should be all set.

However, if the stain has gone unnoticed and you’re looking at the spot well after it probably occurred, you may still be able to solve the issue. First, fill a bucket with warm soapy water. We recommend using dishwashing detergent.

Next, scrub the area with a synthetic sponge or toothbrush. Be gentle. You do not want to damage the turf with any harsh scrubbing. Rinse the site away, and if there is still a spot, you can go in with some stain remover. Rinse the area thoroughly with water again to remove any remnants of soap.

Comb Through The Clean Grass

This step is significant for areas that have had heavy furniture or equipment resting on the fake grass. You will want to again use a plastic or synthetic brush or broom to comb against any flattened areas. 

Brushing is for aesthetic appearance, but more importantly, flattened artificial turf can disrupt the drainage system leading to alternate problems. You will want to make the turf look whole again, similar to when you first installed it.

Broom and Dustpan Standing on Artificial Grass, Cleaning Concept

Address Pesky Weeds

Weeds typically do not sprout through your artificial grass. If you have a weed barrier installed, this is even less likely. However, weeds are common around the edges of your turf. Don’t fret, you can easily remove weeds. 

All you have to do is tug the weeds that may be protruding, and you’re all set. It is also essential to check for weeds during rainy parts of the year. Since cleaning artificial grass occurs before summer, you can efficiently combat weeds caused by April showers

Clean Grass

There you have it! Your artificial lawn is clean and ready for summer use. Now that your lawn is all set to go, you may be considering adding new additions or improvements to your yard. 

Give us a call, and we can help make your outdoor dreams and visions come true. 

If you have any questions regarding cleaning artificial grass in South Florida, Cricket Pavers is here to help. We are happy to assist you with our team of backyard and outdoor specialists. After all, it is our goal to provide our customers with the best lawn in town.

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