7 Creative Ways to Use Pavers Outdoor

Summertime is fast approaching, and creative pavers can turn your outdoor property into a warm-weather oasis. Large patio pavers can do more than implement a simple patio. Concrete pavers in South Florida, like Cricket Pavers, can elevate your outdoor space. 

Creative pavers can help you utilize your property to its fullest potential. Your backyard space should be as functional as your interior. That is where outdoor pavers come in. Pavers can divide your yard into useful sections that make entertaining and relaxation more fluid. 

From pathways to landscape features, you too can elevate your patio and achieve a magazine-worthy backyard. Pavers in Miami are essential to make your yard stand out. Whether you want to use your backyard for relaxation and privacy or entertainment, certain features can create a more functional space.  

How to Use Exterior Pavers

It can be daunting to take on a patio pavers project by yourself. That is why it is important to utilize professional pavers in Miami. Cricket Pavers has a team of specialized concrete pavers in South Florida. Our team can help you decide which patio pavers can achieve your dream landscape. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are seven fun and creative ways you can spruce up your yard with creative pavers.

  1. Outdoor flooring can be an excellent option if you want a traditional and cohesive look to your backyard space. Instead of a spaced-out pathway, exterior pavers can bring flooring closer together to create an outdoor floor. You may want to consider an outdoor floor for areas around a pool or firepit.

Backyard With Covered Patio Accented With Stone Fireplace

  • An outdoor floor also looks excellent beneath patio furniture. Imagine effortlessly gliding across a paved patio to serve a fun summertime barbeque. Avoid squishy, muddy grass staining the bottom of patio furniture with an outdoor floor. 
  • Outdoor floors also separate your yard into sections. You can have a grassy area and a space with flooring, allowing for a variety of outdoor activities and precise spacing. 
  1. Raised garden beds can be a gorgeous addition to your yard, and pavers in Miami can help you display your plants. Turn your backyard into something out of a fairy tale.
  • Exterior pavers can build a charming raised flower bed for your garden to create a lovely aesthetic. Professionals can appropriately construct the rustic addition to avoid weed growth. 
  1. Random pavers placement can actually create an artistically appealing backyard vibe. Symmetrical paving is typically what may come to your mind when thinking of outdoor paving. However, think of resorts and hotels. One of the reasons the outdoor space is so appealing is because of “random” pavers placement.
  • Of course, outdoor pavers will plan out the placement and seek approval. By random, we really mean a planned pattern. This addition can be visually exciting and give your home a resort feel. 
  1. Create a path with exterior pavers. A path can be a way to make your outdoor oasis more functional. You can avoid trudging through grass or garden areas by having a path installed. A path can also guide guests seamlessly through your yard.
  • For example, if you have a garden on one side of your yard and the outdoor kitchen is set to the side, you could make transitions from the backyard sections much smoother with designated pathways. 
  • A pathway can be a great way to connect your back and front yard through the side of your home. If your home has an alley that enters through the backyard, a path through the side of your home is a great addition. 
    • For example, if a taxi happens to drop you off at the front of your home, you can use your side pathway to enter through the back of your home for security purposes. 
  1. Adding a firepit is another excellent way to use outdoor pavers. A firepit area creates a fun place for guests to bond and hang out past the sunset while staying warm. Creative pavers are great for building a firepit hangout space.
  • You can even take it up a notch by building an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace is more contained than a firepit. It also looks a bit more luxurious. You can expect many enjoyable, lit-up evenings with friends or family while hanging out around your outdoor fireplace. 
  1. Large patio pavers can separate your yard into sections. You can use large patio pavers to divide the grassy areas of your lawn. For example, if you want a recreational area like a gazebo, creative pavers can use large patio pavers to compartmentalize your space.
  • Perhaps you have children, and you want to have a youthful and safe area for recreation, like a playset. On the other hand, you also want an adult hangout space close enough, however separate, to keep an eye on the little ones while still having privacy. Using pavers to section out your yard can make the ideal situation for ease.
  1. You can create the most relaxing feel out of your outdoor space by incorporating water features. Water features are an incredibly soothing and visually appealing addition to any property. Whether you want a waterfall or fountain, creative pavers can turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary with a water feature. 
  • If you’re a fan of hearing waves or flowing water noises, a water feature is especially for you. Imagine reading your favorite book or sunbathing to the calming sounds of flowing water. 
  • If you want a more rustic backyard, you can even use pavers to incorporate a pound in your backyard. Whatever your vision may be, talk to some professionals at Cricket Pavers to make your visual blueprint a reality. 

Water Feature and Stone Wall in Suburban Back Yard

We Are Here to Help You!

If you happen to be planning out an outdoor oasis in the nick of time for summer, give Cricket Pavers a call. We are located nearby in South Florida and here to make your home’s exterior as functional and maintained as the interior. 

We give our customers a stress-free and streamlined process. After all, it is our purpose to make your outdoor dreams a reality. Outdoor pavers are our specialty and an excellent way to achieve that dream space you have been wanting.

Leave a comment below if you are interested in any of these outdoor enhancement features. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our outdoor services.

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