How To Create the Perfect Patio

If relaxing on your perfect patio on a beautiful summer day sounds like a dream, we are here to help make that happen. Cricket Pavers offers custom patio design in South Florida.   

Patio Design Miami

One-of-a-kind outdoor spaces are a staple in sunny Florida. Having a polished yard not only increases the value of your home but it can make your life better. It can seem overwhelming when deciding what patio design company to work with. You want a company that can transform your ideas into a custom outdoor space.

Spend the weekends enjoying the beautiful weather with your family and friends. Imagine starting your morning with a coffee lounging on your patio before the workday. You deserve your own oasis and a way to bring your home and nature together. Let us help you make your dreams a reality with custom patio design in South Florida.  

The Perfect Patio

Close your eyes and envision what your perfect patio looks like. Do you have a clear picture? Great, we can help that come to life. If you are not exactly sure what design you’re after, we can help streamline your vision with expert advice from our patio design company.

Before you begin, it is important to take certain steps and pay attention to detail. You are going to want to assess what your space is capable of. You want to utilize it to its best abilities. We have laid out simple steps to hit to achieve the best patio design in Miami. 

Backyard Patio in Garden


This may seem like a no-brainer. However, your patio’s space depends on how much yard space you have and want to allocate to patio use. A good way to decipher how much space you will want is to determine how many people will fill the space. 

  • Size. A good rule of thumb is that 25 square feet are needed per person to fit comfortably. Typically, a 500-600 square foot patio is most comfortable for entertaining. In this size space, there is enough room for furniture, people, and other accessories. A patio can be multidimensional. Think about possibly adding “extra rooms” or nooks. These smaller spaces provide an escape, so to speak, from the main patio area. A nook can be perfect for a quiet area to sip your coffee or relax in the sun.
  • Traffic Flow. You want to avoid uncomfortably squeezing behind patio furniture or the dreaded need for your guests to walk “all the way around” to the entrance. You want your patio to have access. A patio design company like us can help plan for the best flow of traffic in your space.
  • Shade. You will want to add plants because the shade is a must, especially in Florida heat. Later on, we will discuss what plants are more in-depth. But it is important to work around plants you may already have in your space. If you have a larger tree, keep it. They provide an excellent component of shade. 
  • Seasonal sunlight exposure. You have to make a note of what way your patio faces. You will want to layout your patio based on where the sun hits or where the wind will be most strong. This way, you will know where to put shading elements or a suntan chair.


The design and setup of your patio should align with your desired ambiance. What do you want to use your patio for? If you plan to entertain guests on your patio or use the space as a secluded retreat, you should design your space accordingly.

  • Formal. If you’re a fan of dinner parties, you will want to set aside an area for formal outdoor seating arrangements. Planning this ahead of time will avoid awkward placement and undesirable traffic flow problems, as mentioned earlier.
  • Active. Do you have kids who love their playset? Or maybe you love to golf and want to include a putting area. Your patio could be centered around an entertaining pool. An active patio should be spacious enough to accommodate various access points.
  • Lowkey. Sometimes all you need to entertain is a grill, bar, or firepit. Do you have limited space or want something low maintenance? Having a main focal point for guests to hang out around could be the perfect addition to your home.
  • Tranquil. If you want your backyard to give off high vibes and zen energy, a private and relaxing environment will suit you. A patio does not have to be for entertainment only. Make time for yourself. A water feature or fountain, along with a sitting area, can create the spa-like environment you are searching for. 


When designing your patio, you typically want the colors and materials to be in cohesion with your house or the surrounding area. Our custom patio design service in South Florida offers a variety of surfaces and materials to choose from. 

Personal style is important. We recommend keeping a semi-classic look with your added style, so the design is always up to date. 


Lighting can make all the difference to a patio. You can extend the use of your space past sunset and keep your ambiance going. Don’t rely on moonlight.

String lights are hot right now. They are also timeless, creating the perfect natural lighting feature for your patio. Uplights and landscape lighting are other beautiful options. These gentle lights can enhance statement plants or furniture for a gentle, sexy look.


Don’t limit your patio to warm weather month use. Heating will keep you, and your guests warm past sunset or on chilly days while adding more light to your space. The addition of a fireplace, firepit, torches, and heat lamps may be the perfect solution. 

Experience real luxury by installing a heated patio. You can heat pathways that lead up to your hot tub, sitting area, or grill. The effortless and high-scale warmth will make your patio stand out.

Beautiful Fire Pit in the Patio at Dusk


You will want to plan out what kind of furniture you want in your space before you start allocating a layout. Is a couch a must? What about a sun tanning chair? These are all things to consider before you begin designing your layout. 

Planning out your furniture before you make a layout will fill in your space and allow you to plan out pathways. You want your patio to last. Avoid looking out to date by picking solid colors and steering clear of trendy prints. Prints can look outdated after only a few years. 

Decor and Accessories

Now that you know the bones of your patio, it is time to spruce up the area a bit. Accessories can make your space feel like home and represent your personality. 

  • Adding planters and pots. Gorgeous flower and plant arrangements can add pops of color and allude to the season. Change up your fillers in summer, fall, winter, and spring with seasonal flowers or decor.
  • Wall Decor. Climbing vines or an outdoor T.V. can set your space apart. Outdoor wall art or shadow boxes filled with your favorite plants or flag can add dimension and personality to your space.

Creating the perfect outdoor space is our goal.

Do you want to update your backyard? Call us today to schedule a consultation to design your perfect oasis.

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