3 Things To Consider Before Installing an Outdoor Patio

Building a Patio

An outdoor patio can create the perfect setting for parties, barbeques, relaxation, and more. Patios can be more than just an entertainment space. Patios can be an oasis or escape from the hustle and bustle. They can be a place to harvest family memories or watch the sunrise and set.

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However, building a patio can often cause first-timers to bite off more than they can chew. If you have never constructed a patio before, you must seek out quality service from patio experts. This is because you want your patio built to last year’s. 

Building a patio can increase your home value while providing a fun outdoor space. It is important to plan for patio size, accessibility, layout, and comfort. 

Patio Installation Near Me

If you reside here in Florida, you’re in luck. Cricket Pavers has exceptional patio experts and can assist you in creating the ideal Miami patio design. If you find yourself asking, “Where can I find the most trustworthy patio installation near me?” We are here to help.

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Give us a call and schedule a consultation today! It is our goal to provide you with the best outdoor space possible. Typically, patio design Fort Lauderdale is designed to enjoy the sunshine while providing a shaded escape.

Plan for Patio Use

Ask yourself, what do you plan to use your space for? It is crucial for budgeting and to access your own and your family’s most important needs before you jump into buying pieces. Planning out your patio space first will also allow you to utilize space the most efficiently. 

  • Do you plan to entertain in your patio space? If so, you will probably want to carve space out for a table where you can host dinner parties or provide seating. Adding a bar on a patio can be a great option for entertainers looking to spruce up their yard to the next level. 
  • Would you like to have outdoor cooking? Adding space for a grill is your step. Depending on how many features you want in your outdoor cooking space, a fridge, sink, and island space can complete your outdoor kitchen. Miami patio design often includes some element of outdoor cooking because of the gorgeous weather.
  • Would you like your space to be all about escape and relaxation? Patios are not only for entertainment. They can be a beautiful place to start your morning, sipping coffee while taking in the first hours of the morning. If a relaxation station is your end goal, adding a water feature or fountain can give you that zen ambiance you are itching for. 
  • Perhaps, you want all these features to be a part of your patio. That is totally possible by planning out space and paths that give you entertainment and a secluded spot. Plants can allow for the “rooms” of your patio to have privacy. 

By planning out your patio space first, you can determine what a patio will require maintenance and the costs before you even begin. Patio design should last a lifetime. If built properly, your patio will last. 


Now that you have made an effort to plan for patio layout and space, you will want to make sure your outdoor oasis is easy to navigate. Avoid awkward maneuvering around clunky furniture or stepping on plants by adding convenient access to your home and other backyard features. 

Accessibility is important no matter how you plan to use your space. If entertainment is your dream, you want to make your guests feel at ease and welcome to explore your outdoor space through clear paths comfortably. 

While, if a zen escape is what you want, you don’t want to be annoyed every time you have to push that loud chair aside awkwardly or step over a sharp corner.

  • Would you like to add a remote terrace? You should probably consider adding a clear path to where the terrace begins. Stepping stones or a hardwood pathway can look not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve necessary navigational purposes. This can also be a great option, so guests in heels do not have to trudge through the grass. 
  • Doesn’t it sound nice to include a hot tub, pool, or spa? Building a clear entrance will help guests and family access the water feature with ease. It does not have to be a grand pathway by any means, just a path that will subconsciously lead to your beautiful additions. 
  • So you want to cook outdoors? You will want to create a clear path from your home to transport food with leisure. Avoid cold food or angry chefs from getting bombarded by guests or a busy space. You will also probably want to include some shelter around your grill in case of rain or unexpected weather. 
  • Do you want an outdoor bathroom? An outdoor bathroom is a great option if it is difficult to create accessibility to your indoor bathroom from your patio. It will limit guests from undergoing uncomfortably asking about bathroom access.

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Probably one of the most important things to consider when you plan for a patio is where you will place each feature. You will want to consider where the sun hits, access to shade, and where the direct sunlight shifts throughout the day. 

  • The best location to cook and host meals outdoors is near your kitchen. Having your patio near an entrance to your kitchen will allow for easy food transportation and easy clean-up. Guests can easily access indoor amenities such as the bathroom or sink as well. However, if you are planning to build an outside area for cooking food, the patio can be spaced further from your house since you won’t need to use the indoor kitchen as frequently. 
  • To create the perfect sunbathing spot, you will want to place your chairs in direct sunlight. You can test where the light hits best and strongest throughout the day or your ideal tanning hours by testing out sunlight exposure.
  • To snooze in your hammock or steer clear of the hot sun, you will want to create a shaded area. You can create a shaded area by planting leafy trees, placing an awning, or an umbrella. 

Discover the Best Team To Create the Perfect Miami Patio Design 

Are you still asking yourself, “How do I find patio installation near me?” Look no further. Cricket Pavers boosts expertise in planning, building, and installing your outdoor oasis. We can help you figure out all the other steps to design a patio, like landscaping, materials, and utility lines. 

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Do you want to update your backyard, or are you planning to build a patio? Give us a call! We would love to assist you in the process. After all, it is our goal to help you create the most comfortable and relaxing outdoor space.

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