How To Choose the Best Pool Remodeling Company

A pool remodel consists of replacing the tile and plaster of a pool. Pool remodels also consist of resurfacing or adding additional features. Pools should be remodeled every 10 to 15 years to prolong and maintain their aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

When a swimming pool is damaged, the cleaning process becomes much more complicated, and losing tiles can cause a potentially dangerous swim. 

It is in the best interest of homeowners to update their pools for their safety and get the most out of them. However, it is easier said than done. It can be daunting when deciding which pool remodeling company is best for a homeowner’s needs.

Cricket Pavers is a high-quality outdoor living service that remodels and installs pools in the South of Florida.

To sift through gimmicks or high ball price points, you need to approach the selection process with some prior knowledge on the subject to gauge when a deal is good or not. 

Pool Remodel With Construction Material and Trash

Choosing the Best Pool Remodeling Company


Like any business model, an open line of communication is vital to avoid disappointment or undesired surprises. You should negotiate with the pool remodeling company on how their work will meet expectations or how it can best suit the desired vision. 

There should be a clear end goal. Be confident and clear on what to expect post remodel and be comfortable with what the contractor promises. 


A pool remodeling company should be transparent with their prior work and be happy to showcase what they have done for other clients. If you find their work impressive and are confident in their capabilities, the pool remodeling company is probably a great fit. 

Utilize Public Forums and Research

You can always ask your friends or family to recommend a pool remodeling contractor if they’ve needed their services before, or you can always count on Google or Alexa. Simply type/say pool companies near me, and see what comes up.

The Proper License

A proper pool contractor will be licensed to do their line of work. The essential document provides proof that their work is credible and offers high caliber services to the public. If you’re presented with a license, match the licensing company’s document to ensure it’s not counterfeit. 

Economical Services

A price point should be discussed before constructing the pool remodel, and any other pricing variations should be discussed as well. To avoid pricing mishaps or excessive pricing demands, a pool remodeling company should be transparent from the start. 

A solution for homeowners is asking for pricing quotes to establish clear financial expectations. There also should be an outline of what a homeowner can financially commit to spending on a pool remodel.

Trust Your Gut

It is important to hone in on the natural ability to interrupt who is the best to work with. In other words, trust your instincts! When speaking with different companies, a gut instinct will often reveal how comfortable you are with the company. You need to trust that pool contractors will suit your individual and specific needs. 

The Renovation Process

The purpose of renovation can tend to essential maintenance by fixing leaks, cracks, rough textures, or stains. Homeowners often seek out pool remodeling for aesthetic reasons. Remodeling an outdated pool can dramatically improve the overall appearance of the yard. The property could look years younger with a manicured pool. Here at Cricket Pavers, we can turn a yard into a work of art. 

Hygiene is another reason. A remodel can improve the pool’s function by tending to leaks and cracks. Pool resurfacing is the best option if you’re experiencing rough or damaged surfacing.

Durability is another reason for you to consider pool remodeling. To have a pool last, it needs to undergo the proper maintenance. Permanent damage can occur if a pool is not up to date. 

We can help determine how to make a pool last the longest and what service would best suit any pool’s needs. You can prolong the pool and save overspending in the future by investing in pool remodeling today. 

Not only will it make a property look more attractive with a remodeled pool, but investing in pool remodeling can make a home more competitive amongst updated homes if selling is ever on the table. 

Florida homes are known for relaxing and aesthetic pools to make the summer months bearable, and a correctly modeled pool is a vantage point for people looking to buy a home.

Swimming Pool Being Drained for Repair

Why Cricket Pavers?

Pools in the Sunshine State of Florida are an extremely common home addition. Cricket Pavers is an established and experienced construction company. Our team has years of experience and is well versed in the construction associated with pool remodeling.

We can install and remodel pools as well as offer an array of paving supplies. Our contractors are highly trained and will be utterly transparent with you. We follow the standard protocols of the industry and exceed them as well. High-quality materials are used, and methods are followed to ensure the reliability of our services.

Return a pool to its former glory by hiring experienced pool remodeling professionals. We service Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palmetto Bay, Weston, and Wellington.

Call us today to discuss updating your pool. The team is happy to help with and meet any pool remodeling questions or needs!

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