8 Advantages of Artificial Turf

Many people are exploring the world of artificial turf more and more, mainly because it’s an excellent solution for individuals who struggle to maintain their lawn and keep it in good condition. For instance, people who live in areas where drought conditions are common find artificial turf incredibly useful and beneficial since it doesn’t require nearly as much attention as real grass.

If you’re on the verge of installing artificial turf but aren’t sure about it, take a moment to check out some of the benefits of artificial turf we’ve covered in this article, and you should get a much better idea of the pros and cons. By the time you finish reading, you will have more than enough insight into the do’s and don’ts and an idea of whether it’s worth opting for turf installation. 

What is Artificial Turf?

While the answer to this question seems pretty straightforward and simple, it’s always a good idea to cover the basics before diving deeper into the subject. Artificial turf is typically made of synthetic fibers that resemble a grass surface. It’s highly sought-after by individuals who have particularly large yards or individuals who simply don’t have enough time to devote to maintaining their lawn in pristine condition. In most cases, installing artificial grass is a more affordable route in the long run as opposed to real grass. 

The Benefits of Artificial Turf

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to focus on the advantages of having an artificial lawn. 

  • Does Not Require Watering

This is probably one of the most significant benefits of fake grass. Typically, a genuine lawn requires watering at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the late evening. This can be a time-consuming chore for many, which is why people opt for a fake lawn. The only time an artificial lawn will need watering is during the occasional cleaning. Another advantage many people aren’t aware of is the significant reduction of your water bill. 

  • Minimal Maintenance

The vast majority of homeowners absolutely hate mowing, which is somewhat reasonable if you have a massive lawn. As you can assume, fake grass does not grow and therefore, does not have to be mowed, ever. Bear in mind; even though you will not have to mow your lawn, it still requires some maintenance, but it’s a walk in the park compared to maintaining genuine grass in pristine condition. 

Artificial Grass Requires Minimal Maintenance

  • No Need to Fertilize or Use Pesticides 

If you want to keep genuine, real grass in pristine condition throughout the year, you ought to use fertilizers and pesticides. While this isn’t a big deal for some people, pet owners and people with small children tend to be reluctant to use poisons where their children or pets play. Since synthetic grass is not a good source of both food and shelter for pests, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever stumble upon bugs and other pests. Furthermore, if you refrain from using pesticides and fertilizers, you’ll save money and leave a positive impact on the environment. 

  • No Need to Worry About Weeds 

One of the most common predicaments with natural grass is that it’s prone to be overtaken by weeds if you don’t dedicate time and effort to regular maintenance. Conversely, fake grass is highly unlikely to be overtaken by natural weeds. However, you will still stumble upon a small bush or two, but it’s a breeze to pull those out. 

  • Superior Aesthetics 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how beautiful your lawn is. The great thing about fake grass is that it looks marvelous throughout the seasons with little to no effort invested. While it is entirely possible to have a breathtaking lawn made of genuine grass, it requires time, effort, and most importantly – quite a bit of money. Why would you deal with a massive amount of maintenance when you can have an even prettier lawn that requires a bit of attention every few months?

  • Resilient and Durable

Once you’re finished with the installation of synthetic grass, you don’t have to worry about sudden changes of weather, drought periods, and climate changes in general. This is an excellent reason for the artificial grass installation in South Florida since it’s a hot and drought-prone location. 

The synthetic materials used for artificial grass production are made to withstand harsh weather conditions, including scorching hot weather or even frost. 

  • Great Value and Affordability 

While synthetic grass may appear expensive at first glance, it’s actually relatively cost-effective and an excellent investment in the long run. The fact that it does not require too much maintenance and the use of various fertilizers and pesticides makes it a much more valuable investment compared to genuine grass. Once you put the expenses on paper, artificial grass is the undisputed winner. 

Artificial Turf has Great Value and Affordability

  • Requires No Sunlight and Will Have No Ruts

One of the most significant downsides of genuine grass is that it requires sunlight to thrive. This isn’t too big of an issue for people who live in Florida or in tropical climates, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with similar problems. For instance, genuine grass in a shaded area (perhaps under a tree) will look different (worse) than grass that is exposed to sunlight. Since this isn’t an easy fix, it’s much better to opt for synthetic grass and avoid these scenarios altogether. 

Another great thing about fake grass is that high volumes of traffic won’t leave paths or ruts behind. In simpler terms, genuine grass tends to be prone to spots and tracks caused by high volumes of traffic, whereas artificial grass doesn’t. 

DIY or Hire a Team of Professionals?

Since we’ve covered the most significant benefits of fake grass, it’s time to answer one of the most frequently asked questions – Should You do the installation yourself or hire a company? 

The answer is somewhat problematic since it depends on multiple factors, including the size of your lawn, your experience, and the time you’re willing to dedicate to this chore. For the sake of keeping things simple, it’s usually a better idea to hire a team of professionals and let them deal with it. If you live in South Florida and are looking for artificial turf installation near me, don’t hesitate to call us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you. 

On the other hand, if you have a small yard and want to install synthetic grass, DIY-ing might not be a bad idea. With that being said, you will likely run into predicaments that might not be easy to deal with, and that will only increase the amount of time and money you ought to invest. Therefore, as we’ve mentioned, hiring professionals is typically a better idea. 

Do you have an experience with synthetic grass you want to share with us? Do you think there are some other benefits that we might have missed? Let us know by leaving a comment! If you’re interested in learning more about lawn maintenance, pavers, and pool decorations – read our other articles!

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