Hardscape Design: Ideal Ways to Combine with Landscape Features

No, your backyard doesn’t have to be empty. It can be more than a field of grass. Adding some hardscaping details can benefit the design greatly, and the entire exterior can take in a new look with just a few additions.

But what if you have no hardscape design experience and don’t even know where to start? There are so many things to choose from – pergolas, water features, and of course, patios. Don’t worry. We’ll get into all of that. 

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We’ll give you a few of the best hardscape ideas we know and explain how to incorporate them into your backyard. So wait no more, and start reading. 

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What is Hardscaping?

First things first – let’s explain the term hardscaping. Some people are complete beginners to this type of work, so we’ll start with the basics.

The addition of non-living materials, both natural and artificial, into a landscape is considered hardscaping. Those materials usually include stone, metal, concrete, and wood. These additions are here to enhance the area’s visual appeal and often help its usability.

Adding a patio isn’t just a good look for the house. It’s pretty useful for people who like spending time outside. So, apart from the beauty, hardscape design helps the style and value of your property.

Keep in mind that hardscape ideas can be of different extents. Some are tiny additions and won’t require much time to incorporate into the ensemble. Others, however, may require quite the installation time. For example, adding a pond or a lake to a yard is quite the job. 

Plan for each hardscaping detail accordingly, and don’t overlook any detail before you go into construction.

Now, let’s go over the most popular hardscape design features that may benefit your property too. See which would fit your home the most, then contact Cricket Pavers and let experts help you with the installation.


Conquering the third dimension and adding height to your backyard is a challenge. However, by adding one or two of these, you’ll get what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you enjoy spending time outside, you know how important shade is to a good time. Florida sun is not to be messed with, so if you’re an outdoor person, maybe it’s time to invest in a high-quality pergola.

These vertical structures provide cover, shade, and a bit of extra privacy for the user. If those are the things you appreciate while relaxing outside, you have enough reasons to consider this hardscape addition.

Nowadays, many kinds of pergolas exist. There are designs with movable panels, see-through roofs, and all sorts of fabrics and colors. Finding a match for your home’s exterior won’t be difficult, but remember that pergolas require some space and will likely define the area they occupy.

Pergola and Terrace of Modern Prefabricated House

Water Features

If you wish to spice things up a bit, adding water features to your backyard is the way to go. There are multiple choices to choose from, but each one adds something new to your property.

Water features are a distinctive appearance to most guests, and adding one to your backyard will surely amaze a few people.

Firstly, water brings a calming effect to the space. Then, it brings to life the area it’s placed in. Whether you go with a fountain, a pond, or a lake – any water feature is a statement piece. 

Adding aquatic plants and other complementary features enhances the appearance and help the overall look. So, consider including a water wall, koi pond, smaller fountains inside the pond, and other similar additions if you wish to leave a bold statement.

Of course, a pond will bring in natural wildlife as well. Don’t be surprised if your hardscaping attracts frogs, birds, and butterflies.


Those who don’t appreciate the value of a well-designed patio aren’t made for outdoor relaxing. Who doesn’t love relaxing, having a drink, eating, and enjoying company outside? Patios allow you to do all that and simultaneously enhance your property’s value.

Wouldn’t you like to simultaneously extend your living area and raise your home’s worth? You can do that by building a patio in your backyard.

Most homeowners use the back of the house to add this hardscape feature because they prefer the backyard’s privacy. Of course, you can choose the front of the house if that fits your property best. But if you don’t enjoy having uninvited people coming over, you should probably keep the grill in the back.

When it comes to the materials, the options are pretty much unlimited. Patios can be built from concrete, as well as wood, gravel, clay, and so on. You decide which one fits your budget and which one will take your home to the next level.

Fire Features

If you’re looking for a statement, fire features are worth considering. They are pretty popular nowadays, but for a reason. 

Hanging out next to a fire pit is quite the vibe. Most people enjoy the coziness these features offer, which is why you see more and more fire additions. They give a reason and an opportunity for the whole family to gather, which is not something we get often.

Adding a fireplace to a backyard patio is pretty much the perfect decision for anyone who enjoys having smaller groups of friends gather. 

If your budget needs something more affordable, consider fire pits instead. They are usually less expensive and useful with larger crowds as well.

Fire features are used best when combined with other hardscaping details. If your yard includes a pool or a hot tub, try finding a place for a fire feature nearby. It will give natural light to the water and enhance the overall feel of the area.

There are plenty of materials to choose from, so finding something you like won’t be an issue. Flagstone, brick, river rock, stacked stone, limestone, concrete, and many other options are worth considering. Apart from picking the materials, you can choose how to fuel the fire.

A gas fireplace will likely require more work, but wood and propane fireplaces can be installed in most backyard areas.

New Modern Home Features a Backyard With Rectangular Concrete Fire Pit

Hire Professionals With Experience

Plenty of hardscape ideas can enhance the value of your home, improve your enjoyment of the backyard, and help the design of the exterior. It’s up to you to decide which ones are worth adding to your home.

If you need help making up your mind or someone to do the installation, contact Cricket Pavers. We have experience with patio design in Coral Gables, and if you wish experts to do the job for you – we have the right people.

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