6 Best Covered Patio Designs You’ll Fall in Love With

Living in Florida without spending much of your time outside doesn’t make sense. You don’t move to this state if you don’t like the perfect weather. 

Though Miami can get quite hot during the summer days, there are ways to maximize the outdoor living experience on your property.

Sometimes, you’ll need protection from the rain, and other times you just have to hide from the sun for a while. Either way, plenty of covered patio ideas can help you enjoy your backyard.

If you’re interested to see a few different outdoor covered patio options, keep reading this article.

We’ve prepared all the best patio covers you can find on the market and explained how each could help its owner.

And for custom patio design in South Florida, contact Cricket Pavers.

Outdoor Dining Area

Open Kitchen With Empty Dining Room Table and Chairs Outside, Against Green Fresh Plants on Background

Combining indoor and outdoor living is the best idea you can have for your Miami home. There are plenty of ways to bring the two areas together, and an outdoor dining area is the first out of the bunch.

Consider adding a farm table and some woven chairs under a patio roof in your backyard. This simple addition could give your family so many options.

Apart from enjoying outdoor breakfast every morning, you could throw brunch parties every weekend.

Everyone loves the host of the perfect weekend brunch; who knows, maybe that will be you from now on.

If you love design, try adding a few more details to your new dining area. A patterned rug would go well with the farm style we recommended earlier.

And separating the garden and the dining area with plants is the perfect solution. You’ll keep the outdoor aesthetic while maintaining the eating space clean.

Colorful Patio with Foliage

Plenty of covered patio ideas will have one or two plants incorporated into the design. What we’re explaining here is a bit different.

This outdoor covered patio is meant to be a super relaxing space that reminds you of lying under a palm tree without a worry.

Start with comfortable furniture. Adding the perfect couch into this may seem slightly off at the beginning, but it will all fit perfectly at the end.

Then, you’ll need (more than) a few plants. First, you’ll have some greenery hanging from the ceiling. Then, add a few more leafy plants around the edges of the space. They will make the area look more organized and like a well-designed patio.

If you can find a hanging egg chair to add to the mix, you hit the jackpot. Nothing says relaxation area like a hanging chair. Hang it from the patio roof, and enjoy your backyard better than ever before.

All-Weather Outdoor Covered Patio

Yes, Florida is quite warm most of the time. However, there are periods you need protection from the rain and cold weather. 

This type of patio cover is the perfect design for everyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather won’t allow them to.

Most covered patio ideas intend to connect indoor and outdoor living, but this one does the best job.

An all-weather patio cover provides a hang-out spot for any time of day and everyone in the family. But it can be so much more than just a hang-out space.

Many people have this type of patio divided into a few areas. For example, you can add a hot tub in one corner and have a lounge area with a fire pit in the other while keeping the dining table on the other side of the yard. 

The louvered panels will keep you safe regardless of the situation outside, so you can have all the freedom to design the space how you wish. 

Adding a grill is what most men would agree this place is missing, so if you’re one of them, don’t forget the grilling station.

A Simple Lounge Area

Not everyone needs the advantages all-weather outdoor covered patio carries. Some people just need an outdoor space to relax and have a glass of wine with friends.

If you’re one of those, you’re pretty lucky. The renovations won’t cost nearly as much, and you’ll be done in no time.

After putting in the patio roof, you won’t have much work left in your backyard. 

Pave the ground, add comfortable chairs or a couch, and you’re pretty much good to go. As long as your friends have somewhere to sit and leave their glasses, you’ll be a good host.

Outdoor Man Cave

Great ideas just happen. You don’t think about them or force yourself to create one. 

Turning your backyard into an outdoor man cave is the best idea you’ve had yet. So, what are you waiting for?

Start by adding a large TV on one of the house walls. Make sure to pick the right spot, though. 

You’ll be outside, so think about the glare. You don’t want your friends squinting to see the game. 

Then, proceed by planning out the grill area. You can’t have a man cave without a proper barbecue. So, make sure you leave room for a bigger model cause you’ll often be grilling.

Of course, adding a few games to the mix is a must. Foosball, pool, and darts are the most popular bar games that come to mind. And your very own outdoor man cave should have at least some of them.

And finally, don’t forget the drinks. If you don’t add a full bar, at least make sure to have a fridge with cold beverages on hand. You don’t want to go back inside every time you need a beer.

Elegant Outdoors

Beautiful Luxury Home Exterior at Sunset. Features Large Covered Patio With Outdoor Furniture, Barbecue, and Table With Chairs.

There are many different ways to design your outdoor area. If you live in a modern house with an elegant design, maybe going with the flow is the best idea.

You don’t want to create something that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your home’s exterior. So, consider your surroundings and proceed with the design process.

Those looking for a more elegant style usually stick to shades of white and other bright colors. But, a bowl with flowers can be the perfect color pop your design is missing.

Then, consider not elevating your patio space. The seamless transition from grass to the floor shows a less noticeable separation that seems more elegant.

Consult Cricket Pavers

If you’re thinking about adding a patio cover to your backyard, try consulting specialists before making a decision on a specific style.

Cricket Pavers from Palmetto Bay, South Florida, are a team of experienced experts who will recommend the design most suited to your needs. 

Give us a call and start planning your outdoor patio.

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