Top 9 Benefits of Artificial Grass

Living in Florida and keeping your lawn in a top-notch condition can be a real challenge. Aside from being time-consuming, it is also quite expensive. 

Furthermore, the state of your lawn doesn’t depend on you only, so the effort you put in may result in a total disappointment.

On the other hand, artificial turf will keep tiring struggles away and save you both money and time. Apart from that, your lawn will always look impeccable no matter what. 

This article will introduce you to the benefits of artificial turf and help you learn more about how long artificial grass lasts, what is the right way to maintain it and why you should go for fake grass over genuine one.

1. Installing Artificial Lawn Is an Amazing Aesthetic Improvement

The most common reason for artificial turf installation is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings.  

If you wish to upgrade the overall look of your property, with the help of experienced professionals such as Cricket Pavers and the right choice of fake grass, you will achieve extraordinary results.  

One of the many benefits of artificial turf is that you get the same feeling as if you were walking on natural grass. 

Adding fake turf on a paved patio or a concrete deck can not only help you improve the looks of your yard but enable you to expand your outdoor living space and spend more quality time outside. 

2. Fake Lawn Can Last Longer That Natural One

No matter how appealing the aesthetic improvements may seem, you are probably still wondering how long does artificial grass last? 

The life span of fake turf depends on the manufacturing method and the overall quality of used fiber. Experts in artificial greenery installation guarantee that with the proper installment and regular maintenance, your lawn can last up to 15 years.

Synthetic grass is UV resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it losing color due to sun exposure. It also withstands traffic, weather changes, and heavy climate.

Fibers are well stitched into the backing, therefore resistant to deterioration and unraveling. 

3. Fake Grass Requires Minimal Maintenance

Hand Holding an Artificial Grass Roll.

Artificial turf is more or less maintenance-free. 

However, to expand the longevity of your lawn, it is recommended to invest some time in taking care of it occasionally. As we mentioned, your artificial field can last 15 years and more with proper maintenance. 

There are several ways of maintaining synthetic grass. For example, it is enough to give your lawn a quick wash with a hose to get rid of stains. Another way to lose the general debris caused by the weather changes and the usual traffic in your garden is raking or sweeping it. 

Another benefit of artificial turf is that it doesn’t require mowing or pesticides to be in perfect condition. This makes artificial grass eco-friendly. According to the American Chemical Society, an hour of cutting grass with a petrol-driven lawnmower causes the same amount of pollution as a 100-mile car ride.

4. Synthetic Grass Is a Great Choice for Shaded Areas 

You’ve probably noticed that greenery can’t survive too long in shaded places. If you have doubts about installing an artificial lawn, think about the longevity of natural grass and mimicking grass in an area without sunlight.

How long does artificial grass last in shaded areas? The color, lifespan, and structure of imitation grass won’t be affected by the shade. 

Synthetic grass works great in shaded areas since it doesn’t require sunlight.

What’s the lifespan of natural grass in places without sunlight? Natural lawns need up to 6 hours of daylight during the day to survive. With no light, real grass gets weak and pale very quickly, and it doesn’t take much time to die.

5. Fake Grass Is Safe for Kids

A significant advantage of artificial lawns is that they are safe for children. 

On the other hand, natural lawns require constant care to be healthy and in a good state. Ongoing care demands applying pesticides and fertilizers, which may affect your kids’ health and cause allergies. 

On the contrary, fake grass doesn’t require chemicals to remain in good condition. Moreover, the fibers used for making artificial grass do not attract insects, so your children will be safe from ticks and mites. 

These fibers are also smooth and soft, so skin won’t get irritated when in contact. 

6. Artificial Greenery Is Pet Friendly

Besides being great for kids, artificial lawns are also suitable for pets. 

The most common struggle with pets and natural lawns is that urine affects the grass. Bald spots and brown patches on your lawn are inevitable if you have a dog or a cat. 

Synthetic turf is unaffected by urine and is easy to maintain and clean. Also, it can’t be dug up or spoilt by mud patches. 

More importantly, pets can’t tell the difference between real and imitation grass, and they enjoy one as much as the other. 

7. Save Up the Money on Water Bills

Another benefit of artificial lawns is that they will reduce your water bills. 

With high temperatures in South Florida, maintaining your lawn requires regular watering to keep it in good condition. 

This means you should do this two times a day to keep the soil moisturized. 

A fake lawn doesn’t require watering. The only time you need to use a short burst of water is when you want to get rid of debris on your synthetic lawn. 

8. It Is Great for People With Allergies

Pretty Young Woman Working on Laptop at Balcony Artificial Grass.

Nowadays, allergies to grass and weeds are more common than before.

Grass allergies can show in various ways, from tiny issues such as a runny nose or sneezing to problems like skin rashes or asthma. 

By installing a fake lawn, your health and the health of your loved ones won’t be affected by these unpleasant symptoms caused by weed allergies.

Most people with this problem tend to stay inside since spending time outdoors can be unbearable. With mimicking grass, you can spend your time outside with no worries on your mind. 

9. Natural Lawns Are Much More Prone to Diseases Than Artificial Ones

Natural lawns are susceptible to diseases thus require constant attention. Maintaining the health of your property can be highly time-consuming and can cost you a lot of money. 

Poor lawn health is most commonly associated with a fungus called Rhizoctonia. The problem with this type of fungus is that it attacks the grass and the soil. And it’s not easy to fight off, either.

Various symptoms could help you recognize it. Brown patches of grass are the most common ones.

Fake lawns are not affected by any disease and will stay neat and green no matter what. In addition, your soil will be healthy and protected. 

For impeccable service and top-quality synthetic lawns, contact Cricket Pavers. A team of experienced professionals will not only guide you through every step of the project but will turn your yard into an inspiring masterpiece. We’ll make your property a place to enjoy.

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