Pool Deck Options – Best Pool Decking Materials

The activities around the pool are just as fun as those in the pool. It’s a package deal, and you know it. If you wish to make the most out of your backyard swimming area, installing a pool deck is a must.

Now, there are multiple options when it comes to this. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for help. Cricket Pavers outdoor living company is here to lead you through the world of pool decking and show which options are most suitable for your home.

In this article, we’ll talk about the most important factors for choosing the right deck solution and show the characteristics of the most popular options. 

Check out what makes pool deck pavers special or why a travertine pool deck might be your best choice.

How to Choose the Best Pool Deck Material?

Multiple factors decide which material is the best solution for your future pool deck. Safety, maintenance, budget, and durability are some of the crucial areas you can’t forget. So, check out why it all matters before deciding your next step.

Design Options

Some of us like designing more than others, but we can all agree on one thing. No matter who you are – design matters. No one wants to live in a house they aren’t comfortable in or don’t enjoy spending time in.

Since the best materials vary in color, patterns, shape, and size, you’ll have to consider the design before making a choice. So, while checking out your options, think about how it will all look once it’s done. You don’t want to be left with something you won’t enjoy for years in the future.

Slip Resistance

Though it isn’t recommended, people always seem to be running around the pool. Whether we’re talking about adults with a few drinks in them or kids at a birthday party – people tend to have fun around the pool.

So, having a non-slippery deck is a must if you intend on having people over at the pool. Keep that in mind when choosing your perfect option.


It doesn’t matter if you like everything else about a material if you can’t afford it. Budget will always be the deciding factor for most people, and overlooking it can lead to disappointment.

Decking materials vary in price, so ensuring you stay within your range will be necessary. Check out everything available and do your math before making a decision. 


No one wants to spend their free time taking care of their pool decking. So, think about maintenance before installing any type of deck. You’ll likely be the one that has to take care of it.

Pool Deck Pavers

Texture With Tiled Wooden Decorative Planking, Hardwood Ipe Pool Deck Shining Sun Reflecting on the Water

Those who don’t want their deck, or any other part of their backyard plain, often use pavers. They offer many different looks and allow the workers to improvise with the colors, shapes, and designs. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a walkway or a deck – pavers are just as versatile in both situations.

And it doesn’t stop with versatility; there are multiple advantages to using pool deck pavers as your go-to.

Though pavers aren’t prone to cracking often, with parties around the pool, anything is possible. But that’s something you shouldn’t concern yourself with in this case. 

Pool deck pavers are easily replaceable, no matter which material they’re from. 

There are three most popular types to consider, so check out their characteristics before making a decision.

  • Brick pavers

Amazing for creating a unique design. Also, easily replaceable in the event of cracking. 

However, brick may not be the best solution for wet places in the shade. This may cause moss growth and make the pavers slippery.

  • Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers have a different texture, so they are slip-resistant. So running around the pool won’t be a problem anymore. This is the most affordable option, as well. However, you will need to reseal them periodically to avoid water absorption.

  • Stone pavers

As usual, the most expensive option offers the most versatility. With stone pavers, you can choose different colors, textures, and designs. Cracking, fading, and water absorption won’t be an issue either.

If you’re looking for pool deck pavers in South Florida, look no further. Our team at Cricket Pavers has years of experience and will help you find the pool deck of your dreams. Give us a call, and we’ll start working on a design ASAP.

Concrete Pool Deck

Residential Backyard Swimming Pool in the Suburbs With a Landscaped Backyard and a Fence.

Concrete may sound plain at first, but there are ways to make your deck stand out even with this option. Check out the options below and see if they work for your home.

  • Brushed concrete

Keeping your pool deck slip-resistant is one of the key benefits of brushed concrete. It’s simple to do but quite effective. Simply pour the concrete into your pool decking area and sweep it with a broom as it dries.

This will create a texture that prevents slips and helps everyone avoid accidents. Pouring concrete into smaller sections will help you avoid cracking so you can enjoy your pool deck for years to come. 

  • Colored concrete

Color is an easy way to bring more life to any area in the house, and the same goes for your pool decking. So, why not take the extra step and do something custom with your backyard? 

There’s no reason to only work with gray concrete like everyone else. Give it a chance and see what kind of colorful design you can create.

  • Textured concrete

This is the mid-level option, both in price and quality. It doesn’t offer as much versatility in design as stamped concrete but has its advantages over plain gray decks. 

  • Stamped concrete

This is likely the most attractive concrete solution out there, so its popularity isn’t surprising. 

Stamped concrete is created to present different patterns, colored uniquely. This is done with large stamps of different effects.

The negative side is that sealant can make this type of concrete more slippery than the competition. And the price will set you back a bit more than the rest. But that comes with the complexity of the design.

Travertine Pool Decks

Since it isn’t slippery, travertine is ideal for wet places. So, bathrooms, showers, floors, and of course, pool decks are the perfect spot for this material.

Also, it’s perfect for outdoor use. Not only do travertine pool decks have a natural look, but they are also comfortable to walk on, even during the hottest months. 

Some materials out there don’t have this option. Sometimes, during the summer, you must take a different route since that one is too hot to step on. Well, not with travertine. It stays hot even in the famous Florida sun.

Here are a few characteristics of travertine pool decks that may help you make a decision for your home:

  • Safe
  • Non-slip
  • Natural finish
  • Durable
  • Withstands heat
  • Unlikely to crack

Now that you know the most popular options available, what do you think – which one suits you the best?

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