Here Is Why Swimming Pool Coping Will Make Your Life Easier

If you have one, then you already know. And if you are planning to have one installed, you’re about to learn. Having a pool doesn’t mean just putting water inside a hole in your backyard. Swimming pool coping is an essential part of hanging inside or around your swimming area. So, don’t overlook it.

If you aren’t that familiar with swimming pools, you might ask yourself, what is pool coping, and why do I need it? Well, there are multiple advantages to having coping around the pool. 

Keep reading our blog to see how swimming pool coping increases your backyard appeal, prevents damage, and increases safety. We’ll also let you know about the best pool coping options, like pool coping stones and bricks. So read on, and expand your knowledge.

What Is Pool Coping?

It’s best to have some information about what you’re doing before you head on and get yourself a pool. One of the key components in keeping that pool looking fresh and crack-free is having coping around the pool edges. 

So what is pool coping? The tiles that go around your pool edges and separate the pool from the rest of your backyard are considered pool coping. It allows people to lean on the pool edge without damaging its shell. Also, it stops water from draining behind the pool shell and creating damage. 

The use of coping around the pool is quite apparent. But, with different options, you get extra opportunities. 

Why You Need Swimming Pool Coping?

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Though it can help in many different ways, these are the top 3 reasons why installing coping around your pool is a good idea.

  • To Increase Safety

How many times did you see videos of people running toward a pool trying to jump in just to see them slip in a hilarious (but potentially dangerous) way? Well, installing coping with some grip will help with that. Installing pool coping stones instead of regular ceramic tiles around the pool will significantly decrease your chances of injury. Also, if somebody does happen to slip, the hit will be much less severe in most cases. And, on top of all of that, it allows people to enter anywhere along the pool edge.

  • For the Looks

Pools with no coping usually look unfinished. With coping, you not only avoid that but have the opportunity to create something more desirable.

Since there are so many pool coping options, you have the freedom to express yourself and make your pool look unique. Pick the style, the color, and the arrangement to create your own piece of art.

  • To Increase Pool Durability

The top is usually the most vulnerable area of the pool since most cracks start up there. So, install coping to stop them from forming and growing bigger.

Most Popular Types of Coping on the Market

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are a fairly simple choice to go for if you want pool coping that’s a little bit more subtle. Since most pavers come in the regular grey color, pavers will be a great fit for anybody looking for a minimalistic look for their pool. However, most pavers come in various colors nowadays, so don’t let that stop you from choosing them as your go-to coping option.

What’s important to know is that concrete pavers have the quality and the endurance to last the entire lifespan of your pool. They basically need no maintenance, except for the occasional cleaning and replacing the damaged pieces. They might be a rougher surface than most other coping options on the market, but with the roughness comes more grip and slip resistance.

Natural Stone

If budget isn’t an issue regarding pool coping in your house, then this will most likely be your choice. Natural stones are the high-end option when it comes to coping a pool’s edges. But, what you pay is what you get. One look at a pool with natural stone, and you’ll see the value in choosing this material. 

And, if you pick the right pool coping stone, you might end up with the most durable of all the options. Granite, for example, is a perfect choice. It will last as long as you need it and water won’t cause any damages to it. If you go for a cheaper stone, you’ll need to maintain the material with sealant and similar aids.


Bricks are the most popular choice for a reason. They are cheap, durable, installed, and replaced pretty easily. So maintenance isn’t an issue. 

The visual appeal might not be there in all cases, but there are ways to make them work. Of course, bricks won’t look as good as natural stone, but their price is quite attractive. Most people plan ahead, so the color of the bricks fits in with the rest of the exterior, allowing them to have a cheap option that looks good. So, before you start working, think about what you want the entire picture to look like when it’s finished.

Composite Materials

Composite materials are a solid mid-range option for most buyers out there. They are similar to concrete pavers but with a smoother finish. Because of their curves, they are easier to put together and create a proper fit with the rest of your pool. That is their advantage over most other coping materials.

Choose From a Variety of Cast Options

Romantic Evening Mood Lighting Casting Shadows Onto a Romantic Setting Near the Pool.

  • Flat-mount coping

It will require the least amount of materials (other than concrete).

  • Rough-cut coping

Perfect for areas from which you don’t plan to enter the pool. Rough-cut coping tends to look unfinished, so it works best with natural stone. Using rough-cut coping will work best with plants nearby.

  • Cantilever-edge coping

It will require a bit more work, but it might be worth it depending on what you prefer. If you enjoy some overhang over the pool edges, this is the way to go. That way, it will be easier to get out of the pool and have something to grab on while you’re getting out.

  • Top-mount coping

If you have a vinyl pool, this might be the best solution. Most vinyl pool owners go for it, that is. Also, if you don’t plan on replacing your coping often, this is a good choice. 

  • Bullnose coping

Bullnose coping is a popular choice for many pool owners, and for a few reasons. This type of coping comes with a smooth overhang, making it practical as well as good-looking. Its sloped surface returns water to the pool, and you can replace the vinyl liner quite easily.

If You Need Swimming Pool Coping

Now that you know how pool coping can make your life easier, what option are you leaning towards? Are you a brick or a natural stone person?

Whatever your coping needs are, contact us at Cricket Pavers, and we’ll help you out. Also, visit our website and check out all the services we offer!

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