5 Ways to Fix Cracked or Damaged Concrete Patio

Taking out the sledgehammer isn’t the best solution for your concrete problems. Before taking the matter into your hands and deciding to start over, you should give your cracked concrete patio another chance.

There are a few ways to repair a concrete patio, or you should give them a shot rather than destroy your property.

Don’t worry if the hammer is the only solution you know so far. We’re here to shed some light on the ones requiring less force.

We’ll explain all the patio resurfacing options and how to perform each one. So wait no more, and read our blog.

And, if you’re in need of a patio repair service, contact Cricket Pavers and have professionals work on the job.

Seal the Cracks

Unless you can control nature, the concrete on your property likely has a few cracks. This happens quite often and for many reasons. 

First of all, the nature of the concrete is that way. With many weather and temperature changes, a few cracks are likely to happen. Ground shifting can also do this type of job and make a few cracks in your concrete.

However, just because this damage is natural, it doesn’t mean you should accept it and not repair the cracked concrete patio in your home. There are a few ways to perform patio resurfacing, and there’s a solution for this issue, too.

Sealing the cracks with a caulk-based product works best with concrete-related damages. The material’s color is grey and textured to fit in with its environment. So, not only will the cracks be filled, they won’t be visually noticeable.

All you have to do to perform your first concrete patio repair job is to use a caulk gun and shoot some material into the cracks. A trowel can help spread the caulk around and even out the levels.

This kind of job isn’t difficult to do, even for beginners, but if you want to ensure everything is done properly, contact your local concrete specialists.

Workers Stamping a Concrete Patio Floor

Use Pavers to Save the Day

It’s no surprise that concrete patios become dated and worn out after some time. However, there are better ways of saving that space than pulling out the sledgehammer and starting from nothing.

Instead, you can enhance the look of that space by adding pavers to the area. Don’t just assume that this job will set you back too much because pavers can be quite affordable if you hire the right people. Patio resurfacing won’t have to be a problem if you have Cricket Pavers nearby to assist with the job.

But why choose pavers as your solution for your cracked concrete patio?

If affordability isn’t the most important factor, the visual appearance will warm you more to the idea. Patio pavers look amazing!

They come in all kinds of sizes, colors, and materials, and the combinations are endless. 

Once you have options, it’s easier to design a patio, so you’re happy with what you see every day. So consider pavers as your way out of facing cracks and damages the second you step out of the house.

Use a Resurfacing Solution

Concrete surfaces don’t rot and rust, but they unfortunately crack and spall from time to time. 

Using pavers to cover the surface is always an option. However, if you’re determined to keep the same look and keep some money, you can opt for another solution. 

There are special concrete resurfacers on the market that you can use to repair a concrete patio and make it look as good as new. This type of material creates a smooth surface that goes on top of cracked patios and allows them to take on a new look without going through heavy operations.

Before applying this type of solution to the concrete, you’ll have to clean it with a pressure washer. This will get rid of all the built-up dirt, oil, and grease.

First, the big cracks need to be fixed. You do that with a solution mixed to be a bit thicker. Then, adding some water will give you the texture you need for the rest of the job. 

By working in smaller areas and using a concrete broom, you’ll need to spread out the resurfacer and create the patio you want.

The job may not seem like much, but using professionals to give you a hand with patio repair is surely the right choice. If you want something done correctly, leave it to the pros.

Fix the Corners and Stop the Crumbling

The problem most concrete patio owners have is that the corners aren’t what they used to be. They used to be sharp and attractive, and now they’re a real example of what wear-and-tear does to you. Crumbled and unappealing, these corners need help to be what they once were.

Before we repair the issue, we need to clean the concrete so the product can adhere properly. First, you’ll need a brush to clear out any loose debris. Follow it up by pouring concrete cleaner into the corner and scrubbing with a brush. Make sure you rinse the area before proceeding to the next steps.

Once the area is clean, you can rebuild the corner using a repair compound. Keep in mind that these types of compounds set quite rapidly, so you’ll be able to finish the job in minutes if you know what you’re doing.

Cement Pour Worker’s Pouring a Cement Patio

Seal Expansion Joints

Not every gap you notice is bad. Expansion joints, for example, are there to allow the slabs to move. These gaps between two concrete surfaces are created during the installation process are there to give the slabs somewhere to crack beside the open patio field.

It’s important to repair and seal these cracks, though. That will stop bugs, plants, water, and other unwanted guests from calling the space their home and eventually causing damage.

The first step is, as usual, the cleaning. You need to get rid of any pebbles, dirt, and dust left in the expansion joint. Make sure no oil or grease is present either.

Once you clean the area, you can proceed to add the compound needed for this fix. There are plenty of sealants on the market that will help you with this type of problem.

The products come in a caulking tube, so you’ll only need the gun to perform the job. Squeeze the material into the joint, and you’ll be done in no time.

Ask Professionals for Help

These tasks may seem straightforward, but if you want the job performed correctly, you should consider hiring a professional paving company. If you live in South Florida, Cricket Pavers are the best available option Miami pavers offer.

Visit our website and contact our team to discuss any paving needs you may have.

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