12 Privacy Ideas for Your Backyard

We all strive for peace, quiet, and privacy. Sometimes, we just want to kick back in our backyard and enjoy the warmth of the sun, the chirping of the birds, and the soothing sounds of the winds. Still, we can’t because whenever we get outside, our neighbors can’t help themselves but “coincidentally” start messing around next to your backyard.

The team at Cricket Pavers has seen it and installed it all, from privacy panels, backyard privacy screens, large plants, high fences — you name it! That said, in this blog post, we’ll discover how you can add privacy to your backyard and finally enjoy some you-time without anyone spying. 

How to Add Privacy to Your Backyard? 

The best backyard privacy ideas are usually simple, like adding a wall of greenery or wood. Sometimes, it means building a full backyard privacy screen to block out the view of unwanted spectators. Even if you live in an urban area with lots of traffic and people, you can create some well-deserved privacy in your outdoor spaces, especially if you follow the basic ground rules of landscaping for privacy. 

In this landscaping for privacy crash course, we’ll explore a couple of ingenious backyard privacy ideas that will help you create a more secluded private area in your home, even outside your house’s walls. 

Best Backyard Privacy Ideas

Use Privacy Panels

Privacy panels and screens are subtle ways of saying, “Please, look elsewhere,” without upsetting the neighbors or onlookers. Additionally, some of these privacy screens may also add a touch of style to your overall outdoor decor. It may also act as a little paradise of privacy in your backyard if you only want to use privacy panels in a particular area, or it may be an option for your entire backyard.

Fences and Greenery

Using fences to introduce some more privacy in your backyard can also be a great and subtle way of saying, “This is my space,” without being rude. Experts will usually recommend hardwood materials for fencing materials as they are more durable. 

On the other hand, you can place plants on your existing fence if you don’t want privacy screens or panels. For example, climbing plants like Clematis can add more privacy to your backyard and make it more beautiful.

Lastly, you can always opt for Arborvitae or other more massive plant types, which may actually double as a fence. 

Trim Trees Garden

Plants Are Your Friends

As we’ve mentioned above, if you strategically place a row of planters filled with lush greenery on top of the fence, you can create a nice green screen that will add privacy to your backyard while adding some nice decorative touches to your backyard and fence.

Using Shade Sails and Curtains

If you are living next door to a somewhat nosy neighbor and their house has an extra story from where they can easily see your backyard, why not opt for shade sails to protect you both from harmful UV rays and excited lookie-looks? As you can see, landscaping for privacy isn’t all about privacy; it’s also about health and style. 

On that note, you can always opt for adding a few breezy outdoor curtains to the dining patio’s wedges in the backyard. This way, you can also shelter yourself and your family both from the sun and for privacy reasons. 

Setting Up a Pop-Up canopy May Also Help

A pop-up canopy is also a great way of landscaping for privacy. There are several design options you can choose from, and the curtains can be easily tied back or completely closed, depending on the amount of privacy you need at that very moment, 

Vertical Plants Are Your Friends

Tall vertical plants in large planter boxes put in front of your backyard fence. There are several tall plants you can choose from, and there are several options that don’t really need much attention, so even if you are not really plant-friendly, you can have your own lush little green area around the fence that will also double as a privacy screen.

Consider Hightening The Fence

As we’ve talked about above, heightening the fence is a really easy way to increase your privacy, but you will need to check the local ordinances regarding placement and height. For instance, if you want to create an outdoor living room for your patio to add extra layers of privacy, you can combine a brick wall with added wood fencing. 

Incorporating More Nature

You don’t always have to landscape for privacy. Sometimes, you can take advantage of nature and how it landscapes to cater to your privacy. What are we talking about? Why not build your patio around an existing tree? There’s no need to cut down on nature’s creation, and you’ll also have natural shade and privacy at the same time. 

Using Bamboo

Unwanted views can easily blocked with arbor and trellis, and enhance your backyard with an extra layer of privacy. In case your backyard space is on that smaller side, using easy-to-install and inexpensive bamboo panels can be awesome to do the trick.

Create Zones

You can easily create a sense of privacy if you opt for a multipurpose backyard layout. Here, you can create zones that feel more like specifically defined spaces where you and your family and friends can feel a part of the entire group but also have the chance to carve out their own private spaces. For instance, create an outdoor kitchen area with a slanted pergola and bench seating. At the same time, you also opt for a raised-up outdoor living room with flanked curtains, giving the entire layout a sense of privacy without being totally closed off. 

Stylish Outdoor Relax Area With Garden Furniture and Comfortable Pouf

Using Modern Wood Screens

Modern wood screens in laser-cut geometric patterns add both privacy and shade to the backyard while elevating its overall curb appeal as well.

Building a Raised Private Terrace

While fences definitely help with boundaries, they don’t always succeed in offering privacy. To achieve both, you can always opt for building a raised dining area with higher walls – like privacy panels made out of wooden screen. This can be extremely helpful if you have a backyard that’s otherwise pretty exposed. Still, chances are, this will also be something that you’d have to check with your local bodies of government to be on the safe and legal side.

It’s All About Creativity And Style

As you can see, creating more privacy in your backyard can be as straightforward as a few gardening tasks but may also involve some advanced carpentry and even more. Still, it’s good to know that you have a myriad of options to introduce more privacy in your yard and keep unwanted stares away. On that end, you can always reach out to our team. We can help you create the secluded backyard area of your dreams tailored to your needs, preferences, and, above all, style. 

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